Admire Asia’s tallest stupa in Ninh Binh

Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh) has 13 floors, 100m high. This is the tallest stupa in Asia and is the place to worship the relics (ashes) of Buddha Shakyamuni brought from India to Bai Dinh pagoda in 2008.

Bao Thap was built on a hill to the west of Bai Dinh Pagoda, right in front of the International Convention Center of Bai Dinh Pagoda. 

Bao Thap has 13 floors, 100m high, built over many years to complete. According to the management of Bai Dinh Pagoda, this Bao Thap is currently the tallest

Stepping inside the stupa, we feel like we are lost in a splendid space, filled with golden colors. Right in the center of the first floor of the stupa is a brilliant gold-plated statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, placed on a blue stone altar carved with dragons, lotus flowers and mascots in a very delicate way. The 6 sides of the wall are bas-reliefs depicting the Buddha’s life from birth to righteous practice. Coming here, visitors take the stairs through 72 steps, admire the system of stone reliefs carved sharp and sophisticated, simulate the points in the life of Buddha or take the elevator to the highest floor, the first floor. 13 of the Stupa.

The 13th floor of the stupa is the place where the Buddha’s relics were presented from India, Thailand and Myanmar in 2008. It is said that, after he passed away, the disciples held a tea ceremony, when the fire died down. Discovered in the ashes there are many transparent crystals emitting colorful rays that later called Buddha relics. This is considered a treasure of Buddhism. On the ceiling of the stupa is designed in a mysterious Indian style, carved on it is an image of Buddha, a statue of a lotus and a stray bird mounted on wooden walls. It can be said that when we come here, the sacred place where Buddha’s relics are located, we can not only admire the Buddha’s ancestors, imbued with the profound ideas of Buddhism, but also admire the whole view of the dangerous Bai Dinh pagoda. Russia, majestic among the mountains intermingled with nature of earth and sky.

Right at the 1st floor of the Bao Thap, a large gold-plated Buddha statue, sitting majestically on the platform, is exquisitely carved. Just entering this area, visitors seem to be lost in the fairyland with the magnificence and splendor of Bao Thap with many rare patterns in Vietnam.

Around the inner walls of the stupa are carved paintings with content about the life of Buddha. The paintings are carved into rare and precious stones, the colors and lines also create a mystery like the life of the Buddha.

The 13th floor is the highest floor of the stupa, where the relics (ashes) of Shakyamuni Buddha (Skya Muni Buddha) are located. Buddha relics have been brought from India to Bai Dinh pagoda since 2008.

The stupa worshiping the relics of Buddha Shakyamuni in particular and Bai Dinh pagoda in general was built as a symbol to preserve and promote the cultural, spiritual and religious values ​​of Buddhism from thousands of generations, contributing to The ancient capital gradually became the Buddhist center of the country. People come here to have peace of mind to relax their souls and pray for all the good things and peace in life. 

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