Admire the beauty of Yen Thang Lake Ninh Binh with a truly ‘luxury smooth’ scene

Yen Thang Lake is a freshwater lake located in Tam Diep city and Yen Mo district of Ninh Binh province. The water surface area of 180 hectares is surrounded by hills and trees, creating a harmonious natural landscape and a fresh ecological environment. Yen Thang lake together with Yen Quang lake, Dong Thai lake are the largest lakes in Ninh Binh.

When to go to Yen Thang lake?

Ninh Binh’s climate is typical of the northern climate, which is clearly divided by seasons. You can go to Yen Thang Lake at any time of the year. But the best time is still the summer months. Although the weather is a bit hot during these months, this is a natural destination, the harmonious combination of trees and water will create a cool atmosphere. Especially in this season, your outdoor activities will not be interrupted.

Impressive multi-dimensional space at Yen Thang lake in Ninh Binh
When arriving in this land, the first thing that impresses visitors is the multi-dimensional space of Yen Thang Lake. Around the lake is a dense forest with images of hills, green and tall trees growing close together.

Not only the beauty of Yen Thang Lake in Ninh Binh impresses visitors but also the peaceful and cool scenery of the mountains and forests located along the lake. This place highlights the green of the trees mixed with the turquoise water to create an extremely cool scene.The hills are naturally growing, straight, green, giving visitors the feeling of being lost in the “fanciful world” of a green space, feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Along with Dong Chuong lake, Yen Thang lake is the largest lake in Ninh Binh with a large scale and area. The more special feature that Yen Thang Lake brings is that the terrain is divided by hills and mountains, between four sides are rivers like “small islands”.

A point that creates a very unique beauty of the lake is the way you can see the roofs of huts to shelter from the rain, along with small bridges crossing to create a feeling of familiarity and closeness.Everything is in harmony with the pure and natural beauty, the calmness of the lake creates an airy, wild but very poetic and lyrical scene, always attracting all kinds of tourists.

Explore Yen Thang Lake – one of the most beautiful Ninh Binh lakes
Bringing the most natural beauty that nature bestows, Yen Thang lake is increasingly becoming a destination that all tourists, both domestic and foreign, want to experience once.

With the large green space, the peace that the lake brings, all have created a perfect resort complex for all visitors. Therefore, when people visit, they feel excited and have a sense of peace and flight.

Because it is a province in the North, the climate is clearly divided. Depending on the season, Yen Thang lake appears more and more with different beauty.

But to fully enjoy the hidden beauty of this place, you should explore in the summer. On those days, visitors will often choose to go to places with spacious and airy space to dispel the hot summer sun, and Yen Thang Lake is one of the ideal choices.Many young people are interested in checking-in at a new tourist destination, want to save photos, come here together to create moments. You can go with friends and family here to feel all the beauty of heaven and earth, feeling like you are “lost” in a fairyland.

Many tourists choose to come here to feel the peaceful and quiet life of the scenery and the surrounding space. They choose to organize activities together to keep memories, camp together, take pictures, enjoy special dishes that only in Yen Thang Lake Ninh Binh have.

Yen Thang Lake is known for large tourism projects by the lake such as Hoang Gia golf course, Doi Du tourist area, … This is also a fishing lake and developing weekend resort tourism in Ninh Binh. From Yen Thang lake, you can combine to other beautiful tourist attractions in Ninh Binh such as: Dong Thai lake, Tam Diep pineapple hill, Ma Tien cave,…

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