Admire the Hang Mua lotus pond in full bloom at the foot of Ngoa Long mountain

Hang Mua lotus pond when in season impresses with the vast scene of lotus flowers showing off their white and pink colors among the green foliage. In the distance is the rolling Ngoa Long mountain range where we can conquer and fully admire the beautiful Ninh Binh scenery below.

The most beautiful lotus season in Ninh Binh is usually from May to July, when lotus flowers bloom everywhere. Therefore, the scenery here, which was already beautiful, is now even more beautiful. Between the majestic mountains are green lotus fields combined with pink lotus flowers. Just thinking about it makes me feel great.

The lotus is a pure flower, blooming only in the early morning and gradually fading when the sun’s rays are about to fade away at dusk. Therefore, when you come to Mua Cave, wake up early to check in, from 5:00 a.m to 7:30 a.m., and have a beautiful set of photos in the lotus lagoon.

Admire the beautiful sight of lotus blooming

With all kinds of white lotus and pink lotus, it can be said that Hang Mua lotus pond is an ideal virtual living place for tourists because the lotuses here bloom at the same time, creating a beautiful landscape. Besides walking on the wooden bridge and checking in, you can also sit on a boat to admire the lotus lake. Standing out among the deep green color of the leaves are lotus flowers blooming, spreading across the entire region with high rocky mountains towering in the distance as if blending in the white of the clouds and the blue of the sky.

Visitors can walk among the brilliant lotus fields and breathe in the atmosphere of the city every morning, admiring the poetic and beautiful natural picture with a bit of extremely romantic ancient features. The lotus blooming here is a wonderful sight that only comes once a year, but unlike other lotus fields in the North that bloom for 1-2 months and then fade, Hang Mua’s lotus season lasts until early autumn, which is extremely rare

Explore many other beautiful shooting angles near Hang Mua lotus pond

Coming to Hang Mua lotus pond, you not only have the opportunity to see lotus flowers, but this place is also famous for possessing beautiful virtual living corners. From the foot of the mountain, after climbing about 500 steps to conquer Ngoa Long Mountain – a place known as the “Great Wall” of Vietnam, you will reach a beautiful place to admire the ripe rice fields from above high.

The road to conquer Ngoa Long Mountain has zigzag slopes and there are no places selling food or drinks along the way, so no matter where we stop, we can live virtually. However, when climbing, you should bring an umbrella, hat, mineral water, wear sports shoes and wear comfortable clothes to move more conveniently.

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire Hang Mua lotus pond during the season as well as explore the beautiful landscapes of the ancient capital of Ninh Binh. Surely the trip here will bring you many interesting experiences.

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