Am Tien Cave – discover the charming beauty of the country only in Ninh Binh

About Am Tien Cave

Am Tien Cave is a famous place located in the land of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, this place is also known as Tuyet Tinh Coc of Ninh Binh because around the tourist area is a towering limestone mountain, right below the foot. The mountain is a jade-green lake, all creating a landscape that exudes mystery and magic. Am Tien cave is like a different world that hides many mysterious beauty that anyone who visits Ninh Binh is attracted by this place. 

Am Tien cave belongs to Hoa Lu ancient capital relic complex in Truong Yen land, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh. It is said that during the Dinh dynasty, An Tiem cave was originally a place to keep tigers to punish criminals. Located at the foot of Dia mountain is Ao Giai, where the king raised crocodiles to punish criminals by throwing them into the pond for fish to eat. This is indeed the place where the king’s punishment is imposed.

The most special feature of Am Tien Cave is the clear, green and unusually quiet lake. Around the lake are steep rocky cliffs, so the lake space is even more mysterious, murky and quieter. Follow the road along the foot of the mountain, you will have a clear view and the background is surrounded by wild, murky and empty mountain space, make sure you have a good photo right away!

Located halfway up the mountain with a relatively dangerous geographical position, if you want to reach the cave entrance, you will have to go through 205 stone steps. Seen from afar, Am Tien Cave is shaped like a dragon’s mouth, so it is also known by another name, Dragon Cave. Around the cave is a system of stalactites of all shapes and sizes with rice trees, money trees, Buddha hands, lotus buds drooping and water drops. In addition, in the cave, there is also a cave of Muoi, cave of Tien, etc., which was formerly the place where King Dinh and Le chose to store food and the national treasury.

Instructions to move to Am Tien cave

 You can easily depart to Am Tien Cave by means of vehicles such as motorbikes or coaches because this place is only 90km from Hanoi. 

If you choose to go by bus, you can pick up the bus at Giap Bat bus station or My Dinh bus station. Or if you want to go experience by motorbike in the journey to discover Ninh Binh, then you can follow the route as follows: National Highway 1A – Gian Khau Bridge – Provincial Road 491. From provincial road 491, you pay attention. You will see a sign showing the way to Am Tien Cave. You just need to follow the signboard and you will reach Am Tien Cave, this is a magnificent landscape known by many tourists when coming to Ninh Binh.

Another form of transportation is also quite interesting, going by train. At Ninh Binh station, about 13km from Am Tien pagoda, you can take Hanoi station to Ninh Binh station. Train ticket price to Hanoi – Ninh Binh fluctuates about 130,000 VND / way. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes for a trip to be about the same as a bus. After arriving at Ninh Binh station, you can rent a motorbike taxi or taxi to Am Tien cave.

What time should I go to Am Tien cave?

The climate in Ninh Binh is divided into four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter because this place belongs to the Northern Delta region with a tropical monsoon climate. Every year, the number of tourists coming here increases sharply around spring or autumn. At this time, the weather is dry and cool, the sightseeing process will be less strenuous and more comfortable. Because at the beginning of the year, there are often many festivals taking place around the relic complex, so the number of tourists going at this time is very large. If you don’t like bustling, crowded people, you can consider not going at this time.

Ticket price to visit Am Tien cave in Ninh Binh

Am Tien cave is still a new tourist destination, and is only known to young people, this place was formerly a small lake with emerald green color located between craggy and steep cliffs creating a a space full of chivalry. However, the ticket price to visit this destination is only 20,000 VND/person.

 If you intend to visit Am Tien Cave, you should note the following to make the trip more complete and memorable:

-Should bring spring water, hat / hat to avoid dehydration when climbing to the top of the mountain

-Wear sports shoes or lightweight, sweat-wicking clothing, suitable for climbing

-Only climb the mountain before 4 pm, do not climb later because from November onwards, it is very dark, climbing at this time will be quite dangerous.

-Maintain general hygiene, do not throw garbage indiscriminately, destroy the surrounding beauty

Not only is it likened to a precious gem lying peacefully in the deep mountains of the same valley, Am Tien Cave is also a famous historical relic associated with the great feudal dynasties of our country in the past. If you have the opportunity to return to the land of Ninh Binh, do not miss the opportunity to visit Am Tien Cave – one of the most beautiful landscapes in this land.

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