Bich Dong Pagoda is a place, where nature and spirituality connect

Bich Dong Pagoda is an ancient pagoda belonging to the Trang An scenic complex that has been ranked as a special national monument and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2014. Together with Tam Coc, Bich Dong Pagoda has created a miracle beautiful, combining nature and people to form a unique architectural complex, imbued with traditional Vietnamese culture.

Admiring the wild and peaceful beauty of this temple, it is not difficult to understand why many tourists want to visit to find purity in modern life. People often mention this place with the phrase Tam Coc – Bich Dong; Many people mistakenly think it is a tourist destination, but in fact these two locations are completely separate.

In the year of the Pig (1707), two monks cast a large bell, which is still hanging in Dark Cave to this day. Two years later, in August, two monks again made a stele of Bich Dong pagoda in Chinese characters.

In the year of Giap Ngo (1774), Lord Trinh Sam came here to visit the scenery. Impressed by the panoramic view of delicious mountains, caves, rivers, fields along with the green trees of the pagoda as if converging on a cool green background, Lord Trinh Sam named this pagoda Bich Dong pagoda (colored cave green).

The road leading to Bich Dong Pagoda

Bich Dong Pagoda is like a precious gem located peacefully in the heart of the mountains. It is the natural scenery all around that contributes to enhancing the old, nostalgic look of the pagoda the most. Walking on the stone steps leading to the pagoda, you will see rows of lush trees growing on both sides of the road, with quickly blooming wildflowers below. This has contributed to enhancing the antiquity, purity and a bit of mystery where Bich Dong Pagoda suddenly appears amidst the vast greenery.

Ha Pagoda

To get to Ha Pagoda, you will have to go through a paved road at the foot of the mountain about 55m long leading to Tam Quan gate. This is the only road that takes you to the first pagoda in the three pagoda complex at Bich Dong Pagoda.

Ha Pagoda was built in the basic Dinh style in Vietnamese pagoda architecture, on a high stone foundation at the foot of the mountain. The pagoda’s roof is divided into two curved floors with a system of 8 roofs. The facade of Ha Pagoda is divided into 5 compartments, of which the upper hall occupies two entire compartments, supported by wooden columns, large beams carved from solid stone, not connected and more than 4 meters high. More specifically, the pagoda’s trusses, horizontal and vertical beams are also completely made from ironwood, to create stability.

Entering the main hall area, you will easily see high up in the middle of the Tien Duong hall, there is hanging a great letter written in Chinese characters: ‘Mao Co Than Thanh’. This is the main sentence to say that this ancient temple is truly extremely sacred. Inside the main hall is the Buddha worship area, followed by pedestals in order from top to bottom, placing different Buddha statues and worship objects such as lamps, incense burners, etc.

Trung Pagoda

After visiting the Ha Pagoda, when you return to the yard and turn your head to the North, you will see a path with 80 glazed stone steps around the mountainside. This is the only road leading halfway up the mountain and is also where Trung Pagoda is located. The pagoda is located on a cliff shaped like a dragon with its mouth wide open, making people even more excited.

Trung Pagoda was built in a relatively unique architectural style, with the temple’s door and roof exposed, while other buildings are located in a cave deep inside the mountain. Trung Pagoda has three compartments, on the roof are carved two Chinese characters ‘Bich Dong’ according to the wishes of Lord Trinh Sam in the past. On the left side of the pagoda is the place to worship the Holy Mother Goddess.

Thuong Pagoda

The pagoda is located at the highest position in the complex of three pagodas in Bich Dong, Thuong pagoda is located near the top of the mountain. The road leading to the temple is along the mountainside and has more than 40 stone steps. The pagoda is about 60 meters higher than the brick yard, built in the Southeast direction and is a place to worship Guanyin Buddha.

Thuong Pagoda is divided into two vertical-style compartments with columns, grilles, and rafters made entirely from ironwood, while the curved roof resembles the shape of a phoenix proudly rising. On both sides of the pagoda are two shrines facing North and South, which are places to worship the Mountain God and Earth God.

Standing from the area of the two shrines, you will easily see in the distance five mountains standing independently like lotus petals flanking Bich Dong mountain. Therefore, these 5 rocky mountains are named Ngu Nhac Son, including Tam Sang, Gia Dinh, Con Lon, Dau Cau and Hang Based mountains.

More specifically, when standing from the highest position at Thuong Pagoda, you will be able to see Chong Sach Mountain and Elephant Mountain lying peacefully in the middle of the Ngu Mon fields. Thuong Pagoda is also the home of the precious pyrethrum flower – a small, yellow flower that is good for the eyes.

As an ancient temple located in a special position, it is not surprising that Bich Dong Pagoda is always one of the spiritual destinations favored by many people. If you have the opportunity to come to Trang An, Ninh Binh, do not miss the opportunity to visit the scenery and visit the Buddha where the temple is located peacefully among the mountains.

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