Camping weekend in Ninh Binh to escape from the city full of dust

As a province in the Red River Delta, Ninh Binh is a place with diverse and rich tourism potential. With the karst topography, which has been transformed by geological changes over time and alluvium accreted, this land has countless caves, lakes, and flooded mountains that are valuable for tourism development. Therefore, in addition to the historical and cultural tourism routes is the strength, the cultural tourism and picnic routes also attract a lot of tourists to Ninh Binh. On every weekend, the camping sites in Ninh Binh are always full of tourists to have fun, rest and organize picnic activities.

According to Kim Thu’s Ninh Binh Travel Experience  , the ideal time that she thinks it will be appropriate to come here to camp is in the spring, around January to March. Because in the first months of the year. new, the weather is usually cool, not too cold. This is really suitable for you to plan a day trip. With friends and relatives to admire the scenery, take pictures, organize camping in Ninh Binh on a beautiful day, what could be more wonderful? All of them bring an extremely peaceful feeling that is deeply imprinted in your mind.

Talking about the pine hill here, not only famous for  Nho Quan wine , this place is also considered as a tourist symbol by the eco-tourism area on the largest area in Ninh Binh. When choosing this place to become a camping site in Ninh Binh, you will not be surprised by the wild beauty. Besides, one thing that makes people fall in love is the image of tall trees growing straight and straight, layer after layer, creating an extremely poetic scene of this pine hill.

With a wild and peaceful beauty, Nho Quan pine hill will be an ideal Ninh Binh camping site for those who are passionate about exploring. If you have a chance, you can stay overnight at the campsite to enjoy the beauty of the mountains at sunset and sunrise.

Coming here to camp in Ninh Binh, you can also enjoy setting up tents, setting fires and organizing BBQ parties among the wild pine hills. They will be one of the unforgettable experiences of your young years. Late at night, when the weather seems to be colder, sit around the warmth of the campfire. It will be great when you and your loved ones can chat, confide in each other about everyday stories in life or organize games when   Camping in Ninh Binh.

This is a relatively new tourist area because it has only been exploited recently. So, if it’s the first time, in the process of moving, always follow Google Maps as well as ask the people living around here to be able to go to the pine hill safely. Besides, if you want to camp in Nho Quan pine hill, you should invite your friends to come along, especially at night to support each other safely. When going up the hill to visit, picnic, you should take the initiative to bring food and drink because most of the tourist services are not available here. After the camp is over, do not forget to clean up the area where you set up your tent to contribute to protecting the environment as well as preserving the peaceful beauty of the hills here!

Yen Thang Lake

Address: Yen Mo district, Ninh Binh province

Yen Thang Lake Ninh Binh is one of the freshwater lakes that make up the features of the ancient capital. With pristine natural scenery, charming mountains and peaceful atmosphere. This place is becoming a destination for many tourists on weekends, especially young people who love to travel and explore in Vietnam.

Yen Thang Lake Ninh Binh has a fairly large area with many winding bends, divided by hills and mountains, between four sides are rivers. This scene makes people think of small “islands”.

The lake shore is covered with concrete, looming are the roofs of shelters from the rain, the sun and even the beautiful little bridges. All contribute to creating an airy natural scene, a bit wild but also very poetic, making it more and more attractive to tourists. When coming to Ninh Binh camping at Yen Thang Lake, you can also combine visiting Dong Thai Lake and Tam Diep Pineapple Hill.

Dong Thai Lake is located in two communes Yen Dong and Dong Thai, close to the majestic Tam Diep mountain range. Visiting the lake, tourists sit on the lake and look at the blue water. The clear blue lake surface printed with blue clouds makes visitors feel like flying in the sky, very comfortable and relaxing.

Tam Diep pineapple hill Tam Diep pineapple farm belongs to Dong Giao farm, with an area of ​​​​about 5,500 hectares. This is a “virtual living” place that attracts a large number of young people. With the background is the vast sky, bringing a green color of pineapple trees to give you very beautiful pictures. Not only that, you also witness the scene of people taking care and harvesting rice. However, according to Ninh Binh travel experience, the most ideal time to check-in here is summer (from April to July).

Pineapple hill Tam Diep Ma Tien Cave is located in the middle of Ma Tien mountain (also known as Roi Ngua mountain) in Ma Tien village, Yen Dong, Yen Mo. Visitors follow the path of nearly 100 craggy stone steps on the side of the mountain to reach the cave. Inside the cave contains many large and small stone blocks of all shapes and sizes. Especially, there are undulating rocks like elephants playing, full of novelty.

Even if you bring a tent and a few other camping gear, you can experience enough of the wild and magnificent beauty of Ninh Binh!

Ho Dong Chuong

Address: Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province

This place is likened to Da Lat in the North with a lake that is always blue and clear, around the lake are green pine hills, reflecting on the lake surface, making the scenery here very poetic. Visitors can take a boat ride around the lake, relax with nature. On the lakeside, there are open spaces, suitable for those who like to set up tents, camp, experience the wild features of the lake. This is the perfect picnic spot for the whole family on the weekend!

After all the tent-building activities, what you need to do is replenish energy by the campfire or the fragrant BBQ grill. How long has it been, you haven’t seen each other, haven’t been able to lean on each other’s shoulders and confide late at night? The nights lying in the camp listening to the chirping insects, sitting around the fire roasting corn and potatoes, sipping some hot grilled meat… will be a short night that everyday stories are told again and again without knowing bored.

Bai Doi (near Trang An Ninh Binh)

Entrance fee: Free

About 90km from Hanoi on the way to Trang An, Bai Doi right near the boat station about 500m away will be a new destination for young people to organize camping in Ninh Binh. Owning a vast vacant land and azure lake, this will be an ideal stop for the backpacking team to have a “play” and forget the way home.

On the smooth green grass, let’s roll up your sleeves and build your own custom-decorated huts. Here, the time when modern humans built their own tents will be recorded. Between the space and the green area is the highlight, a short moment but full of emotions and stories of passionate followers to “change the wind” of life style. These will definitely be moments of more independence and self-mastery.

Located on Trang An river, so your team can completely visit Silver Pagoda. With the highlight of the lotus stations, this will be an attractive spiritual tourist destination attracting many visitors to pray for peace. In particular, the temple becomes more shimmering and fanciful every night. This is also an ideal time for you to sit and chat and wander around, admiring this sacred beauty.

The special thing is that after the picnic is over, the group should turn their game into a smart and modern tour. Remember to clean up and pick up trash after the camping trip to protect the beautiful natural landscape. Leave nothing but discovery footprints. Do not bring anything but check-in photos with millions of likes.

We hope that the sharing about the campsite in the pine hill above will help believers with an undying passion for travel and photography to somewhat understand this place as well as prepare well for the trip. mine. Surely when going camping in Ninh Binh , your soul will feel very peaceful when you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Quickly save this campground address in your travel guide right away!

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