Recommend Old Town in Ninh Binh

Hoa Lu Ninh Binh ancient town is located in the Ky Lan Lake park complex and Hoa Lu hotel, built with the purpose of growing Ninh Binh tourism, becoming an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists international. This project was inspired by the traditional culture of Dai Viet in the 10th century, recreating and […]

Experience exploring Sun Valley

It is truly a pity to stop to visit the ancient capital – Ninh Binh without once visiting Sun valley. Sun valley is a tourist destination that attracts many tourists with majestic mountains combined with a clear river creating a landscape picture that is both intimate and poetic of Ninh Binh. Sun valley tourist area […]

Explore Kenh Ga

Ninh Binh, a land of white and pristine limestone mountains, is always deposited in every drop of visitors’ memories every time it is mentioned. Not only is it left behind with beautiful, poetic landscapes and sacred ancient temples… But also because of the strangely simple everyday names – KENH GA. Kenh Ga hot spring is […]

Explore Phat Diem Pagoda in Ninh Binh

Introduce Phat Diem Stone Church The church complex is a combination of Eastern pagoda architecture and Western Gothic architecture, creating an architectural complex such as a pond and the Virgin Mary chapel. Not built in a towering or massive architectural style like the churches in the Hai Hau Nam Dinh area, Phat Diem church’s architecture […]

Van Long lagoon Ninh Binh

Talking about the ancient capital is impossible not to mention Van Long lagoon, Ninh Binh. It like a charming landscape painting with pristine scenery, this place was once chosen by the famous film company Legendary Entertainment as the setting for the movie Kong – Skull Island. Through sharp footage showing the beauty of the lake, […]


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