Cloud Café & Bakery – Beautiful cafe in Ninh Binh

May Café & Bakery is located in a prime location on Le Hong Phong street right next to the campus of Trang An hotel in the center of Ninh Binh city. This is one of the busiest streets of the city.

The shop has 2 floors with a design in a combination of modern and traditional Northern Vietnam. Curved roof tiles, thin curtains, red courtyards are typical of ancient Northern architecture, but the modern breath is still hidden in the rough walls, wide verandas and innovative materials.

The restaurant has many separate spaces with many different functions, providing many seating options for visitors.

If you want to watch the street with busy traffic, you can choose to sit on the patio when this area has no partitions and limited space.

If you want to be quiet and relax, you can choose the space behind the first floor. This area is arranged with curtains, reading lights and special books. If you want to be in harmony with nature, you can choose to sit in the garden.

Or if you want to see everything from above, you can choose the 2nd floor, here there are private corners without noise, sitting below can watch the typical roof system of Clouds sipping a cup of coffee or a cup of peach tea. It will make the mind more relaxed and forget all the worries of daily life.

Rated as one of the No. 1 cafes in Ninh Binh city in terms of quality of drinks, cakes and space, service, When you come to May, you can try some outstanding dishes such as: hibicus passion fruit, Butter nuggets or May’s Milk Tea.

Most of the drinks here are mildly sweet, focusing on the notes of incense, especially with the appearance of special pure Vietnamese ingredients such as rosemary, yellow lemon, sticky leaves, etc.

Besides, the shop also focuses on drinks from Fine Robusta coffee beans and cakes such as Waffle, Burnt Cheese Cake, especially Entremet – a high-end cake line that usually has prices ranging from 90-150 Thousand dong, but at here, you will experience with a more affordable price (50-60 thousand dong).

May is currently the only coffee shop in Ninh Binh serving multi-layer Entremet cakes


Address: No. 2 Le Hong Phong, ward. Dong Thanh, City. Ninh Binh Reference price: 45,000 VND – 70,000 VND

Open time:

Monday: 13h00 – 22h00

Tuesday – Sunday: 7am-22pm

Google Maps:

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