Discover the beauty of Ninh Binh’s “Tuyet Tinh Coc”

The sacred land associated with the nation’s history

There are many thrilling historical stories about this mysterious land, but according to Dai Viet historical records, it is recorded: after ascending to the throne, King Dinh Tien Hoang gave this place to the father and son of master Truong Ma. Mi and his consort Truong Ma Son controlled the entire valley area next to the capital Hoa Lu.

Receiving the king’s trust, father and son Truong Ma Mi renovated this place to become a courtroom dedicated to handling serious crimes of the court.

History has recorded this, also because King Dinh Tien Hoang wanted to quell the forces of rebellion, insider, and use his power to dominate the world. Therefore, in the past, when there was no separate dharma wall for trial, he immediately had his officials place a large cauldron of oil in the court yard in the main hall and raised wild tigers in cages. Anyone who disobeys orders or intends to rebel will be subject to appropriate punishment. Some methods of execution at that time such as: dropping into a cauldron of boiling oil or feeding tigers with meat.

When the courthouse was built, the torture and trial of criminals took place at “Tuyet Tinh Coc”. This place has a large lagoon surrounded by craggy rocks, it is also difficult for outsiders to find their way in, moreover, it has a location near Hoa Lu citadel, so it has become an important base to solve the problems. court cases involving prisoners. Dangerous criminals carrying felonies after trial were even thrown directly into the lake for Giai (a giant soft-shell turtle) to eat.

Later, when the Dinh dynasty declined, and power was transferred to the Le dynasty, this place was no longer used for the purpose of a law court, Queen Duong Van Nga (Empress of 2 kings Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hang). ) built Am Tien pagoda and spent the last years of his life practicing at “Tuyet Tinh Coc”.

Up to now, there are many historical vestiges preserved in this place such as: temple bells, stone stele carved with the construction of the temple hundreds of years ago, visitors coming here not only enjoy the charming scenery. but also an opportunity to go back in time to the heroic history of the nation.

 Unique features only available at Tuyet Tinh Coc Ninh Binh

Although the area is not too large, but “Tuyet Tinh Coc” also has many interesting things for visitors to visit and enjoy the charming scenery, especially it is also a very famous virtual check-in photo spot with tourists. unique attractions, such as:

  • Exploring the cave: Although Tuyet Tinh Coc (Am Tien cave) has been renovated to change the geomorphology for visitors to easily visit and move, but still retains the inherent features, along the scenic road is The towering limestone mountains intertwine with the green carpets like a whisper of nature’s invitation to visit.
    To enter here, you need to go through the tunnel to reach the cave, only a few steps away, but when you really get to Tuyet Tinh Coc, it is an overwhelmingly beautiful scene. The ancient mossy features of the temple roof on the mountain, the wings of birds fluttering gently in the blue sky, there is a shimmering blue lake, all collected to create a beautiful place.
  • housand-year-old Am Tien Pagoda :
    The temple plays an important role in Vietnamese history. Up to now, after thousands of years, it is surrounded by towering limestone ridges, blocking wind and rain as if protecting the spirit of this land. Perched on the cliff, An Tiem Pagoda is both quiet, dignified, and a little lonely. That unique beauty has made the brand of this place, since then, it has become a check-in place that all visitors cannot ignore when coming to Tuyet Tinh Coc.
    As proof of history, the temple is associated with the life of Queen Duong Van Nga, to talk about this story there was a verse:

“Two shoulders carry two Kings

Two queen dynasties, monastic Am Tien Pagoda

Follow her husband to beat Tong Binh Chiem

There is merit to the country, no grace to life.”

  • The wall is likened to a miniature “Great Wall” and the beautiful and dreamy Lake Explain:
    The wall is located in a rather craggy and dangerous position, but that’s also why it enhances the dreaminess and magnificence. Over the years, still standing in the middle of the sky like the iron heart of an emperor who always looks towards Vietnam.
    From here, looking at the lake, you will see peace, quiet and peace. A sobbing jade green, the gentle breeze gently caressing the surface of the water, blowing ripples, like a mother’s hand stroking an infant child. The blue sky also contributes to the reflection in the water balloon to remind anyone who comes back.

The right time to visit Tuyet Tinh Coc Ninh Binh

You can visit any time of the year. Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s pretty ideal to watch. If the summer months are dry and airy, the winter will make you feel very cold. In particular, with clouds and mist covering Tuyet Tinh Coc, the fanciful beauty of Tuyet Tinh Coc is added.

According to many people’s self-sufficient travel experience in Ninh Binh, you should leave in the morning, around 8am. That way, you can fully admire its beauty and have the strength to “fight” with the distance of more than 200 steps leading to the cave.

You can visit at any time of the year

The way to Tuyet Tinh Coc Ninh Binh

Tuyet Tinh Coc of Ninh Binh is about 90 km from Hanoi , this distance is not too far, so traveling is quite easy. From the Capital, there are many forms for you to choose from. If you take a bus or train, go to Ninh Binh bus station or station, then take a taxi or motorbike taxi to go another 8 km to arrive.

For backpackers and backpackers, traveling by motorbike is an extremely ideal choice. You just need to go straight in the direction of National Highway 1A until you meet Gian Khau bridge, then turn into provincial road 491. Here you will see a signboard, leading you to An Tiem cave.

Ticket price to Tuyet Tinh Coc Ninh Binh

There is no change in ticket prices compared to previous years. Ticket price to enter Tuyet Tinh Coc Ninh Binh  is 20,000 VND/person. With this ticket price, you can comfortably explore Tuyet Tinh Coc in one day. If you ride a motorbike, you will have to pay more for parking, usually parking tickets range from 10,000 to 20,000 VND. You should ask in advance the price of parking to avoid the guillotine, especially if you come here during the festive season.

Absolutely love Ninh Binh cup – some notes when exploring

Do not miss any tourist destination

According to Ninh Binh travel experience, you should travel by bicycle.

Remember to prepare snacks and drinks to replenish energy when climbing because there are not many tourist services in An Tiem.

Prioritize lightweight clothes, equipped with sports shoes for convenient and easy climbing and movement.

There are many delicious dishes here, but when you come to the ancient capital, you must definitely try Ninh Binh mountain goat specialties, burnt rice, …

On the journey back to the land of the ancient capital, discover the landscape, people and culture and history here. In addition to familiar landmarks such as Bai Dinh Pagoda , Mua Cave, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, etc., Am Tien – Tuyet Tinh Coc Ninh Binh  will definitely be an attractive destination if tourists are looking for a place to visit. to get rid of the troubles of life.

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