Dong Chuong Lake Ninh Binh

Brief information about Dong Chuong Lake

Dong Chuong Lake is still a very new tourism destination in Ninh Binh, so it is still very wild, and the scenery is charming with emerald green pine forest stretching far and wide. Dong Chuong has a quite special geographical location as it belongs to both communes, Phu Long and Phu Loc, in Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh. This place is located about 30km from Ninh Binh city center, a distance that is too far away for the wonderful experiences you will get to try. Dong Chuong Lake is a natural lake with pristine natural scenery and a calm, gentle lake surface. Because it is surrounded by pine forests as well as high mountain ranges, the air here is fresh and cool combined with beautiful scenery, so Dong Chuong Lake, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, will certainly be a great vacation spot for tourists. Short weekend trips with family and loved ones.

When should you go to Dong Chuong Lake?

Each season, Dong Chuong Lake in Ninh Binh has a different charm. So this location is the ideal place for you on each of your trips.

In the summer, the lake surface is quiet, the trees are green and the sunlight is shining, suitable for picnics. You and your loved ones sit by the lake listening to chill music along with some delicious food. Or prepare yourself a fishing rod that knows the head and when you return, you will have a haul of spoils to serve for your meal.

During the rainy season, the scenery here is a bit sad but very romantic and dim. The scene here is suitable for filming sad MVs, but allows visitors to see a different aspect of life.

It seems that at any time, tourists can come here, but according to our experience, the summer months are the most ideal time because at this time the weather is cool and there is little rain, so it is suitable for activities outdoor.

Why is Dong Chuong Lake considered a “little Dalat”?

Dong Chuong Lake is considered a small Dalat. ecause of its poetic scenery as well as the cool and fresh air here. In particular, the lake surface has an area of up to 45 hectares, winding around pine hills with a circumference of up to 6km. Compared to Ky Lan Lake or Dong Thai Lake, Dong Chuong Lake is located farther from the center of Ninh Binh city, so the awe-inspiring and poetic features are much clearer. The lake is often deserted, with few people passing by, so you can have private, comfortable moments of fun.

Dong Chuong Lake travel experience for first-time visitors

Explore the vast pine hills

Initially, surrounding Dong Chuong Lake were just bare, lifeless hills, not very romantic, but after being put into operation, people agreed to plant more pine trees. From there, more green, endless pine hills appeared, breathing romantic breath into the scenery of Dong Chuong Lake. Because the pine hill has a circumference of up to 60km, you will freely stroll along the hill and breathe fresh air. If you come here at dawn, the atmosphere will be even more cool and pleasant, healing damaged souls.

Experience sitting on a boat floating on the lake

Coming to Dong Chuong Lake, an experience that you must definitely try is floating on a boat on the river. The small boat glides on the water, you will be able to see the surrounding space closer, or go to the other side of the hill to organize memorable camping trips. Gliding boat on the calm lake surface, you can look at the low stilt houses at the foot of the pine hills, trying to discover their “stories”. Above your head is the clear blue sky, surrounded by undulating pine hills, growing in straight rows. At this moment, I was free to immerse myself in the poetic and peaceful painting.

Ao Troi lake and Ba Tua waterfall on top of the pine hill

Besides the green pine hills, Dong Chuong Lake also has empty ground right next to it. Tourists also often come here to organize camping, picnics or extremely fun team building events. The lake’s sunset and sunrise views are also extremely romantic, so you can stay overnight here to enjoy both landmarks.

Have you ever question what you would see if you climbed to the top of a pine hill? Let them tell you here. When following the trail to the top of the hill, you will encounter a small clear lake, reflecting the sky above. That’s why people also call this “Ao Troi”. Ao is also very special as it never runs out of water. Ba Tua Waterfall with a height of nearly 40m is also located nearby, so you can visit it at any time. During the rainy season, a lot of water from the rocky mountains flows here, creating a majestic and magnificent scene. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this wonderful scene! In addition, Dong Chuong Lake also has an international standard 36-hole golf course so visitors can visit and play golf here.

Through the article about Dong Chuong Lake travel experience for first-time visitors. We hope to provide a lot of useful information to you. Not only does it have a charming and poetic scenery, but the lake also has cool, chilly air like a genuine “little Da Lat”. Exploring Ninh Binh, will you come to Dong Chuong Lake?

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