Dong Thai Lake in Ninh Binh, the place of harmony between the land of the ancient capital

It won’t be necessary to say much about the land of Ninh Binh, an extremely impressive destination with outstanding monuments and landscapes such as: Hoa Lu ancient capital, Trang An, Mua cave,… Along with that, there are countless places to visit. The number of caves and natural lakes is breathtakingly beautiful. Among them, Dong Thai lake is the promised land for resort tourism believers. 

About Dong Thai clock Ninh Binh 

Dong Thai Lake is a naturally formed freshwater lake located on the territory of Yen Thai and Yen Dong communes, Dong Mo district, 25km from Ninh Binh center. The whole lake has an area of ​​2,185 km2 and this is also the largest freshwater lake in the province. The lakeshore has a curved shape forming “peninsula” with ecstatic valleys, and on the hills is the “home” of many animals and plants. 

Dong Thai Lake in Ninh Binh is divided into 3 separate areas: the reception area, the eco-tourism area and finally the garden villa area. Each area will definitely bring a difference, if the ecological area is bold with the nature of the village and river, the garden villas.

Dong Thai Lake Ninh Binh and the most interesting experiences

Sightseeing boating

To be able to “feel” all the dreamy beauty along with the fresh and pleasant air here, visitors should try once to follow the boats to visit the countryside. With an area of ​​up to 350ha, Dong Thai Lake in Ninh Binh will allow visitors to have wonderful sightseeing moments. Going along the boats, weaving through the mountains will open up beautiful “peninsula” with extremely poetic valleys. This place is also known as a forest possessing a variety of rich and rare animals and plants.

From the lake bed, following the mountainsides, you will hear the birdsong echoing in the middle of a pristine ecological forest, like breaking a quiet space of the mountains and forests, opening a mysterious world. The dreamy and beautiful scenery is no different from Trang An.

Visit Ma Tien cave Only those who have lived here know that near Dong Thai lake there is a wonderful cave named Ma Tien, located halfway up Ma Tien mountain , located in Ma Tien pine area, Yen Dong commune, district. Yen Mo. To get to the cave, visitors have to follow nearly 100 stone steps arranged along both sides of the mountain. The entrance to the cave is up to 15m high, 10m wide, right behind the cave door is a mysterious scene with large and small stone blocks mixed with all kinds of strange shapes.

Participating in recreational and leisure activities Currently, Dong Thai lake tourist area is gradually being developed in the direction of eco-tourism, which is a convergence of extremely attractive activities including boat racing, lake-viewing yachts, camping and even hunting.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ninh Binh , do not miss to go to Dong Thai Lake in Ninh Binh to feel the wild beauty, poetic scenery and interesting experiences. This is really a great choice for travelers to de-stress and relax after the pressures of life. 

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