Enjoy a unique onboard atmosphere with DylanJet coffee & Tea

DylanJet coffee & Tea is a famous coffee shop in Ninh Binh, with a uniquely designed space like an airplane cabin. Here you will have very interesting experiences.

DylanJet coffee & Tea was born from the idea of ​​creating a new coffee space serving Ninh Binh diners and tourists. The constant creativity has helped this place bring a very unique color, with the layout and architecture inspired by an airplane cabin so that diners have the experience of flying in the sky. If you are a lover of space exploration, freedom, or flying in the sky,  this is the  space for you.

  • Address : 255 Luong Van Thang, Dong Thanh, Ninh Binh.
  • Opening hours : 07:00 – 23:00
  • Reference price : 30,000VND – 150,000VND
  • Phone: 0229 2492 989

As mentioned above, the inspiration for the space creation of DylanJet coffee & Tea is a unique aircraft cabin. This place from design to service is very new, leaving an unforgettable impression in the hearts of customers, especially the team that loves virtual living.

Now you don’t have to go to the airport, you don’t have to sit on the plane to experience these unique feelings. Although it is impossible to have a too realistic feeling of an airplane floating in the sky, more or less the space here also brings new colors and the most memorable moment of enjoying coffee in the trip of discovery. Your Ninh Binh.

When entering the restaurant, you will see service staff dressed as professional flight attendants guiding customers to their seats. Lovely sofa sets, upholstered in soft and luxurious velvet, are arranged next to each window, simulating exactly the type of window on an airplane but with a larger size. 

The ceiling is also designed to resemble the ceiling on the plane, the rows of lights extend, the luggage compartments, the air-conditioning areas are completely similar to a real airplane cabin. More impressive is that the front of the plane is designed exactly like the view from the cockpit, with the dashboard and glass doors overlooking the shimmering night sky. This is also a virtual living corner that many young people love when coming to DylanJet coffee & Tea, creating pictures like you can visit the cockpit on a real plane, too great to live virtual, isn’t it?

Besides the area designed like a real airplane cabin, DylanJet coffee & Tea also designed other spaces like a traditional coffee shop to serve diners. These areas are arranged in harmony with lovely sofas, elegant colors, lush potted plants, new shaped tables, artful paintings…

So if you go to DylanJet coffee & Tea during rush hour when the space in the cabin is full of people and a bit noisy, you can choose to sit on this side, find yourself a little quiet and peaceful. 

Not only has an impressive and unique space, but the drinks at DylanJet coffee & Tea are also meticulously processed and have their own flavor, scoring points in the hearts of customers. The variety of drinks here allows you to freely choose for yourself your favorite drink, suitable for your taste.

The menu of DylanJet coffee & Tea starts with attractive coffee dishes. It is known that the cafe’s coffee is all high-class Central Highlands coffee, with excellent quality and taste. Besides the traditional black coffee, milk coffee and Bac Xiu, you can also enjoy Western dishes such as espresso, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato, espresso con panna. The delicious dish that MIA.vn wants you to taste is the cafe’s coconut milk, a fatty, fragrant and delicious drink with a very new taste that is praised by many customers.

Each type of coffee here is properly processed to bring out the most distinctive flavor. The coffee part is not only delicious but also beautiful enough to score points in the hearts of customers, and DylanJet coffee & Tea has done this very well, making each drink conquer people from taste to style present.

In the middle of a hot summer day, if you have the opportunity to visit Ninh Binh and go to DylanJet coffee & Tea, how can you miss the cool drinks here, right?

The first is the crushed ice: chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate, matcha freeze, lavender blueberries… These drinks must have been enjoyed many times, but you can rest assured that at DylanJet coffee you are also absolutely perfect. not disappointed. Drinks have a harmonious taste, not too much ice, the blending of ingredients is done perfectly to create a cool and attractive overall. In addition, you can also choose to enjoy snow mango coconut milk and yellow lemon green apple, these are two new flavors that you should try.

Cool sodas with beautiful presentation are a great cooling option

Regarding tea, at DylanJet coffee & Tea serves super cooling fruit teas suitable for summer. Strawberry tea, dragon fruit tea, passion fruit tea, raspberry tea, peach orange lemongrass tea, special fruit tea, oolong tea, mango cheese cream tea… need no introduction. The most delicious of these dishes must be the oo mai tea, which is made according to the restaurant’s own recipe, sweet and sour, extremely strange.

Along with the drink menu, DylanJet coffee & Tea also serves diners delicious cakes and a few choices of snacks to make the conversation more interesting.

For cakes, here you can choose from salted egg sponge cake, cheese bread and fruit mousse. Each cake suitable for one person only costs 35,000 VND – an extremely reasonable price.

Regarding snacks, you can choose sunflower – the national dish for endless conversations. If you like something salty, you can choose dry chicken, dried pork with garlic, which also has its own flavor.

From drinks to food at DylanJet coffee & Tea, prices are quite good, ranging from 30,000 VND to 45,000 VND, suitable for the affordability of most diners. Therefore, this place will definitely be the address of Ninh Binh coffee shop, that you should not miss, promising many attractive things both in terms of space and drink taste.

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