Experience exploring Sun Valley

It is truly a pity to stop to visit the ancient capital – Ninh Binh without once visiting Sun valley. Sun valley is a tourist destination that attracts many tourists with majestic mountains combined with a clear river creating a landscape picture that is both intimate and poetic of Ninh Binh.

Sun valley tourist area is located in Dam Khe village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. This is a newly discovered tourist destination and promotes many tourist activities, so when you arrive you will see a space full of wild strength. It is also for this reason that many tourists who want to find a idyllic, poetic space always choose Sun valley Ninh Binh as their destination.

Many tourists always ask the question whether Sun valley Ninh Binh is short for the word valley?. However, until now the question still has no explanation. Local people here often call the word “valley” to refer to low-lying places, flooded places and surrounded by majestic high mountains. In the summer, when the rays of sunlight shine down, the limestone slabs become sparkling and golden, from which the locals call this place the simple name of Sun valley.

The right time to travel to Sun valley

Each season of the year, Sun valley is given a unique shirt color by nature, and each color captivates people’s hearts in very interesting ways. Some people fall in love with Sun valley with its cool spring colors, or its romantic features in the fall, but perhaps Sun valley is most beautiful around May – June. At this time, Sun valley is like a total beauty of the four seasons of the year create a vivid, captivating picture.

In particular, at this time, you will admire a Sunny Valley with shiny golden rice fields under the sunlight, creating a golden scene, full of vitality. The highlight of that beautiful picture is the clear blue of the winding river and the majesty of Ninh Binh’s mountains, creating a scene that any tourist who sees it will exclaim in praise.

Discover the unique natural beauty in Sun Valley

Sun hunt on clear water

The main means of transportation when visiting Sun Valley is the boat, ticket price is about 60,000 VND/person. From Thach Bich wharf, small, rustic boats will take you down the cool blue water, around majestic mountains, to a beautiful Sunny Valley. True to its name, Sun Valley is covered with hundreds of rays of sunlight shining everywhere. The sunlight filtering through the leaves reflects across the massive limestone mountains, the sunlight shines deep into the water bottom, creating a poetic, rustic picture of a Northern countryside village.

Sun Valley has a wild beauty but is not deserted; Splendid, brilliant but not lavish, magnificent gives people a feeling of peace and relaxation amid the hustle and bustle of life. Standing in the Sun Valley, feeling the pure beauty of the sun and wind of the nature of Ninh Binh land, we can see all the beauty that nature has bestowed on Ninh Binh.

Mysterious caves in Thung Nang

Going through the forests about 3km long, you will come to the diverse cave system of Thung Nang. If the outside is a brilliant and splendid natural picture, the cave in Thung Nang has a mysterious color, stimulating curiosity. Both sides of the road leading to the cave are filled with the pure white color of reed flowers, creating a poetic but no less mysterious scene.

Unlike the hot air outside, the inside of the cave brings a cool and comfortable feeling. The ceiling of the cave is filled with stalactites of many different sizes and shapes. At one point, the stalactites on the ceiling of the cave are so low that you can reach out and touch the drops of pure water on the ceiling.

Explore the ancient communal houses and pagodas of Sun Valley

In addition to the brilliant and splendid natural landscape, the highlight of the picture of Sun Valley is the solemn ancient temple and pagoda architecture in the mountains and forests of Ninh Binh, which cannot be ignored as Sun Valley. Sun Valley is an ancient temple – a place where people used to worship Lord Thuong Ngan. Amidst the majestic landscape of forests and rivers, Sun Valley Temple was built in a space isolated from the surroundings, creating a solemn, ancient atmosphere for the temple.

Things to note when exploring Sun Valley

In general, Sun Valley is quite large and the main means of transportation are boats, so please limit playing around when boating to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you!

  • In addition to taking a boat ride to see the scenery, Sun Valley also has many beautiful mountains for you to visit, so instead of wearing high heels, bring yourself comfortable sandals for easy movement.
  • To ensure a natural and rare beauty like Sun Valley, you should limit throwing trash and leftover food into the environment, but keep it and after leaving here, throw it away in the right place.
  • If you intend to stop to take photos or visit, you need to tell the boat owner in advance so they can proactively go slowly or adjust the boat in the direction you want!

Ninh Binh Sunny Valley is truly a splendid and brilliant picture but also very simple, giving visitors a feeling of peace that is hard to find elsewhere.

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