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Ninh Binh, a land of white and pristine limestone mountains, is always deposited in every drop of visitors’ memories every time it is mentioned. Not only is it left behind with beautiful, poetic landscapes and sacred ancient temples… But also because of the strangely simple everyday names – KENH GA.

Kenh Ga hot spring is located in Kenh Ga village – Gia Thinh – Gia Vien – Ninh Binh, more than 1 km from Van Trinh cave. The stream flows from the heart of a mountain located above the floating village of Kenh Ga and flows into the Hoang Long river branch. This is a famous mineral water spring, which has been included in the Top 5 most attractive hot spring tourist areas in Vietnam by the Vietnam Record Book Center.

Kenh Ga spring water has high levels of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and bicarbonate salts. The water in the stream is colorless, odorless, and tastes slightly acrid. The water has a stable temperature of 53°C.

Kenh Ga junction is where the Boi and Lang rivers join the Hoang Long river. This place is called Vong Am because the weather is always warm, where many species of fish and underwater creatures gather. A fishing village called Kenh Ga was formed here. Kenh Ga Hot Springs has been put into operation for tourism on the Kenh Ga – Van Trinh cave tour. The area’s infrastructure has been built quite well to serve visitors and tourists.

Legend of Kenh Ga Hot Mineral Springs

There are many legends about Kenh Ga, from ancient stories, but the story of Saint Nguyen Minh Khong – the famous national physician of Ninh Binh is the story that people tell each other the most. They believe that this national monk went to the hot springs to cook chicken, thereby preparing healing dishes for the people in the village. Previously, the stream was called Canh Ga, then it was changed to Kenh Ga and the name Kenh Ga was commonly known for the entire floating village here.

According to ancient folk experience, people here know how to get hot water to drink and cure diseases. They believe that if anyone has bone and joint diseases, skin diseases or neurological diseases, soaking in the hot water of Kenh Ga can cure the disease. In addition, they also believe that drinking this hot water source can also help cure stomach pain, colitis… Therefore, people here consider Kenh Ga stream as a gift from God, a source of magical water. came out from the heart of the mountain and worshiped here.

In the 1940s, the French invaded our country and discovered Kenh Ga. They began to research the minerals in the spring, gradually opening it and serving tourism. Until now, Kenh Ga is still a gift that nature gives to local people and tourists.

Which season is best to go to Kenh Ga hot springs?

Actually, there is no fixed time that is most suitable to come to Kenh Ga hot springs. Many people often think that hot spring bathing in winter is best, but in fact you will be at risk of colds, heatstroke, and headaches which are not very pleasant. Therefore, it is best to go in the summer, when the temperature will not vary too much. Kenh Ga hot spring is about 50 degrees hot, so you won’t have to worry about the water being too hot, along with the sultry, hot weather.

In addition, when coming to Kenh Ga Ninh Binh in the summer, you can pass through ripe golden rice fields, the scent of rice lingers in the air, faintly in the early summer breeze. That was also the time when Ninh Binh’s natural scenery became much more poetic, the sky was blue, clear and towering, surrounded by towering mountains. You can combine this vacation to explore many other tourist attractions in Ninh Binh such as Tam Coc Bich Dong, Trang An or other caves.

Experience exciting relaxation services at Ninh Binh – Kenh Ga hot springs

Hot mineral springs flow from deep inside the mountain, so the water has a high mineral salt content, is clear and odorless. Water also has many minerals that are good for the body, can cure some diseases, and help the mind relax. In the early mornings, soak in hot water of about 50 degrees, looking out at the charming scenery of Ninh Binh mountains. In addition, Kenh Ga later developed into a tourist and resort destination with many services such as massage, ethnic leaf bath… relaxing and good for health. All of them are extremely loved by everyone.

If you come here on peak days, don’t worry about running out of space because each mineral pool at Kenh Ga can accommodate up to 70 people and is designed extremely modernly with 16 clean and hygienic water jets. If you are afraid of public baths, you can choose the herbal bath service in a private space with rare herbs, admiring the surrounding nature. The special feature is that you can freely adjust the temperature to your liking, now you don’t have to worry about being too hot or too cold! The interior space is also designed in a Japanese style that looks beautiful and luxurious like a 5-star Ninh Binh resort.

Kenh Ga is definitely an extremely unique hot spring resort location in Ninh Binh that you should explore for short vacations. Not only is it beneficial for your health, it will also help your spirit feel more refreshed, gentle, and relaxed. When exploring Ninh Binh, definitely don’t miss the experience of bathing in Kenh Ga hot springs!

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