Explore the interesting Trang An Voi valley

Trang An Valley is a tourist destination located in Trang An Ecotourism Area. This is a vast valley, covered by thousands of green bamboo trees all year round, surrounded by towering, towering limestone mountains, very characteristic of Trang An World Heritage Site. Voi Valley has just had its roads and boatways renovated, restricting visitors, so the landscape is still wild and intact as before.

Ways to explore Voi Trang An valley

To enter Voi Valley, previously visitors would have to climb high mountains and cross deep abysses. After that, thanks to the underground river through the mountain being dredged, boats could easily travel back and forth. Besides, a walking path has been created inside the mountain, paved with clean and smooth stones so that visitors can move here.

Currently, visitors can choose to take a boat or walk to reach the green bamboo trees surrounding the core area of Trang An. The special thing is that both of these routes are located next to each other. Therefore, tourists traveling by road can see the boat fleets and vice versa.

How to explore Trang An Valley by road

Through the mountain is a small, narrow walking path that has been paved with flat, clean stones. The road is quite easy to walk, the ceiling is about 2 meters high, just enough for visitors to move easily. This path is lit but not too bright, it feels like entering a cave.

Normally, the road will be chosen by groups of tourists including the elderly and children. Because walking is faster than rowing, requires less effort and also limits the risk of falling into the water. Young people like to row boats and enjoy extremely interesting experiences.

How to explore Trang An Valley by boat

The mountain river area leading into Trang An Valley has been dredged into a smooth river so that small boats can easily move. Visitors can choose from traditional motorized boats or self-rowing kayaks, depending on the number of people in the group and personal preferences. Each boat is fully equipped with life jackets, ensuring the safety of visitors.

The boat moves downstream so it is quite light and does not require much effort to row. The river water flows smoothly so you can float your boat to see both sides of the cave and the green forest landscape.

What does Thung Voi have?

Coming to Thung Voi, you will experience the airy atmosphere of the mountains and forests. There are almost no people here all year round so it still retains its wildness. The name Thung Voi is named after the main tree species here: the Voi tree. The Voi forest here is a primeval Voi forest, hundreds of years old, with hundreds of thousands of different sizes and designs, with a wide canopy, creating shade for the entire valley.

This primeval Voi forest also contains hundreds of different species of flora and fauna. It is the wildness and absence of human hunting that has helped the flora and fauna here grow extremely richly. Whether summer or winter, Thung Voi is always lively with the typical sounds of the mountains and forests such as cicadas, birds, toads, frogs, fish…

Notes when visiting Voi Trang An valley

The journey to visit this valley filled with ancient trees will take you to truly pristine nature. Because the road to get here is still difficult, the number of tourists choosing to visit Voi Valley is still quite small. Therefore, if you do not mind bumpy roads, this place will be the ideal choice, even during the peak tourist season it is still not too crowded.
Second, before the journey to explore the core of Thung Voi valley, prepare a waterproof bag to put your phone and important items such as wallet and camera. This is to avoid an incident that occurs while boating that will cause you to fall into the water and damage your electronics and important documents.

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