Heaven’s Gate – Thien Ha Cave – Ninh Binh

Although not as famous as Trang An or Hang Mua, Thien Ha Cave has a magical beauty like the Milky Way in the heart of the mountain, making it difficult for visitors to forget. So let’s explore the poetic beauty of Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh with Ninh Binh Legend – the most beautiful cave in the Trang An heritage complex!

Overview of Thien Ha Cave

Thien Ha Cave was discovered in 2007, located in the east of Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, about 24km from Ninh Binh city center. The cave is hidden in the Tuong mountain range – a solid wall protecting the southwest of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu at an altitude of 200m above sea level. Thanks to nature’s favor, Thien Ha Cave has a cool climate all year round with cool summers and warm winters, so visitors can visit this place at any time of the year.

The stalactite system in the cave is still in the process of development and especially Thien Ha Cave is one of the few caves that still retains its wild appearance with tens of thousands of bats living and many traces of ancient Vietnamese people, mollusk shells, rough pottery fragments, animal bones, turtle shells and plastrons.

Thien Ha Cave has a space of up to 12,000 m2, about 700m long, including a 200m long dry cave and a 500m long water cave, connected to each other through a wide corridor. Visiting Thien Ha Cave, visitors can not only admire countless stalactites with magical shapes hundreds of millions of years old, but also experience exciting boating and sightseeing activities.

Which season is the most beautiful to visit Thien Ha cave?

The best time to visit Thien Ha cave is in the summer, when the rays of light shine most brightly. Indeed, sightseeing under the harsh northern summer sun will not be very pleasant, however, because the world cultural heritage complex of Trang An is always shaded by green trees, surrounded by high mountains, the atmosphere is cool. It will be extremely fresh and pleasant. Besides, visiting in the summer you will also experience the most realistic temperature difference inside and outside of Thien Ha cave. Deep inside the cave will be up to 12 degrees cooler than outside, so when you go in the summer you will feel very cool, a bit chilly, extremely wonderful.

Visit Thien Ha dry cave – Magical sunlight

Thien Ha dry cave is located in a triassic limestone mountain range, formed about 250 million years ago. The dry cave is only about 200m long, much shorter than the wet cave. However, this place receives more natural light so it is easy to observe the stalactites. Because there is a lot of sunlight, the emulsion blocks become sparkling like gold and silver. Combined with unique and diverse shapes, you will be able to let your imagination soar. If you are not a creative person, you can also listen to the tour guide’s description, most of the stalactites have been “named” with names like Hoa Tien island, Bau Sua Mother, Ca Mau. Hoa Long is extremely rustic. Surely when you hear the tour guide’s description of his appearance, you will immediately recognize it!

Besides, inside the dry cave is also very famous for “Heaven’s Gate” – A hole naturally formed right in the cave. Therefore, inside the cave, you will see the sun’s rays shining inside through this hole, creating a wonderful, magical light line. The photos taken here are super sparkling! Check-in to Ninh Binh and skip Thien Ha cave, it will be a big mistake!

Thien Ha Water Cave – Admire stalactites with strange names

Besides the dry cave, the wet cave is also an extremely unique destination. The name Thien Ha cave is also taken from the water cave. When rowing deep inside, you will see many magical colors from the installed lighting system, illuminating the stalactites, making them shine with different colors fanciful. Thien Ha cave is quite long, about 500m, so you will have plenty of time to admire the shapes and beauty of the stalactites in the dark “night”. Inside you will feel cool and humid, combined with a rowing boat floating on the water, extremely relaxing.

Thien Ha Cave is a tourist destination in Ninh Binh that you definitely should not miss. Not only is the air cool and fresh, but the cave will also immerse you in a poetic and majestic space with interestingly shaped stalactites. You will freely let your imagination fly, creating shapes for lifeless statues. It will definitely be extremely interesting!

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