Immerse yourself in the peaceful, poetic beauty of Van Long Lagoon – Ninh Binh

Van Long Lagoon is an eco-tourism destination that is “storming” and conquering the followers by its wild beauty and rare tranquility in Ninh Binh. It is not natural that this place was chosen as one of the filming locations for the blockbuster Kong – Skull Island of Legendary Entertainment. Follow Bike Plus to “decode” the beauty of Van Long lagoon!

When exploring Ninh Binh, besides famous landmarks and attracting many travel enthusiasts such as Trang An , Tam Coc – Bich Dong , Hoa Lu ancient capital … then Van Long lagoon will be another tourist destination that makes travel more interesting. you are hard to ignore. 

Van Long lagoon is considered the largest flooded nature reserve in the Northern Delta region with an area of ​​over 3500ha, put into operation in 1998, then quickly became a tourist destination. The key calendar of both Ninh Binh province and the country. Migratory birds have stopped at Van Long lagoon tourist area to feed and avoid the cold, thanks to the isolated mountains forming rocky islands, or vast water valleys, accidentally chosen by many animals as shelters. hidden.

This place also has wild beauty, less affected by human hands, so the ecosystem of flora and fauna is very diverse and rich.

Not only that, Van Long lagoon is like a giant mirror of the sky reflecting a charming painting, once chosen by Hollywood filmmakers to “send gold” to appear in the main scenes of the blockbuster Kong – Skull. Island. Is it because of these things that this eco-tourism area always attracts a large number of fanatics to visit every year?

Location: Located in Gia Van commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam.

Located in the northeast of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, only about 80km from Hanoi capital, it takes 2 hours to move, so Van Long lagoon tourist area will be a suitable place for trips with friends and family. Plan a day for that weekend!

With a diverse ecosystem, each season of Van Long lagoon has its own beauty, so visitors can comfortably check-in this place at any time of the year. However, if you want to admire the lotus season in full bloom in the sky, you should go to Van Long lagoon in the summer, around May and June every year. Because this is the lotus season, the time when the whole dress is put on a bright pink shirt in the green space, the “bonus” adds a gentle scent that spreads out and is sure to give you a feeling of relaxation. Thailand, attracting those who are passionate about photography and “buy” beautiful and sparkling photos.

Besides, visitors can completely visit Van Long lagoon in the dry season, from November to April next year. This is a very suitable time for birds from the North to fly back to nest. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of an extremely rich bird ecosystem that is not found in this land.

According to the experience of traveling to this ecological area many times, in our opinion, the right time of day for you to visit and fully enjoy the scenery here is in the early morning. At this time, with the very fresh air, the dew drops still on the leaves, you can completely immerse yourself in the peaceful and quiet scenery, forgetting all the sorrows and worries of life. And if you love romance, want to admire the beautiful and charming sunset, then the afternoon is the most appropriate time than ever.

“What is more beautiful in a dress than a lotus, green leaves and white flowers with yellow stamens…”

Perhaps you do not know, Van Long lagoon is also famous and is known as “the bay without waves”. Because when sailing on the lagoon, visitors will not see the waves but instead feel the calm water surface like a giant giant mirror that nature has bestowed on this place. In addition, the special thing that not every land has is that the water of Van Long lagoon has a clear blue color, so sitting on the boat you can also enjoy the poetic scenery: You can see very clearly the moss, or The algae is as beautiful as the coral reefs, and the beautiful scenery on both sides of the banks with rock formations with funny shapes such as Mam Xoi, Meo Rao, Nghien, Da Ban … more!

Coming to Van Long lagoon, seeing the charming scenery is not enough, tourists can also visit temples and pagodas near Van Long lagoon such as Thanh Mau temple, Thanh Son pagoda, Dich Long temple… These temples and pagodas has a long history with ancient architecture inherited from different dynasties. That is why most of the tourists coming here will both want to visit, and also want to pray for peace for health, or listen to historical stories associated with temples and pagodas.

Not only that, coming to Van Long lagoon, visitors should not miss a “gift” that the Creator has bestowed on this place, which is 1000 beautiful and sparkling caves. Inside the cave, there are not only stalactites hanging down in various shapes but also cool, making you extremely excited. Famous caves that can be “spotted” in Van Long lagoon are Ca Cave, Ball Cave, Turtle Cave, Chanh Cave…

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