Looking for good bicycle hire in Tam Coc?

Here are some advices

Traveling by bicycle is really the ideal choice for any traveler who wants to save money and exercise. When traveling by bicycle, visitors will feel more clearly the beauty of nature without missing any beautiful moments. That beauty can be a beautiful sight on a small road that tourists encounter while sightseeing that if we go by fast moving vehicles, we will easily miss it. Traveling on a bicycle and enjoying the fresh air in the morning will definitely bring special experiences to visitors.

Ninh Binh is a land favored by nature with a diverse natural ecosystem and a rich system of temples, contributing to being an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. With the advantage of extremely “cheap” price, the rental price is only from 50,000 – 70,000 VND / unit / day and safe for the environment, bicycles have always been the preferred means of transport for tourists to visit the tourist attractions. tourist attractions close distance in Ninh Binh

Most of hotel or homestay in Tam coc provide bicycle for guests. But their bikes are not very in good condition for years renting and cheap bikes. If you want just short ride around the town, then it may not cause any problems. But, if you want to do longer ride, should not take the risk.

Pay just a bit more and pick the bike at Ninh Binh Bicycle Rental is the best choice. They have wide selection of bikes, all brand-new and safe with hydraulic brakes, price range can be from 4-7.5US per day, good for the value.

You can find this shop close to Hidden Charm Hotel or call/whatapp: +8491888991 to reserve your bikes

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