Lotus blooming season in Ninh Binh

Visiting Ninh Binh lotus season at Hang Mua, you will see the captivating beauty amidst the majesty and immensity of nature. This place has the beauty of a mountainous region, wild and romantic.

The beauty of Ninh Binh lotus season

The natural landscape of Ninh Binh’s lotus season at Hang Mua is always very poetic, dotted with pink colors and the gentle, sweet scent of lotus flowers, making us even more captivated. In the warm sunlight, the lotus flowers gently rise up, simple, rustic, quietly radiating fragrance like a village girl.

Ninh Binh Hang Mua lotus pond is very large, stretching in the swamp for more than 1 hectare. At the foot of Ngoa Long mountain, the lotus quietly shines, making anyone who has seen it once unable to leave. The lotus type at Hang Mua has a light pink color that we often call lotus pink. Therefore, compared to lotus flowers in other places, Hang Mua lotus is somewhat softer and gentler.

In addition, coming to Ninh Binh lotus season at Hang Mua, you can also enjoy many delicious lotus dishes. First of all, we have to mention the strange lotus porridge dish, the lotus seeds are rich and fatty. If you like to drink tea, don’t forget to enjoy the flavor made from dried tea lovingly incubated between lotus petals, the brewed water is the morning dew condensed on lotus leaves. It can be said that lotus tea is the purest and most quintessential tea, making it unforgettable once you enjoy it.

Above is the information about Ninh Binh lotus season that we want to introduce to you. Wishing you have memorable experiences on your journey to conquer the beauty of Tam Coc Bich Dong in general and Hang Mua in particular.

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