Ninh Binh tourism: Hibiscus cave, tunnel connecting two districts with many mysterious images

Ninh Binh has always been considered a land of tourism, a place favored by nature to arrange many beautiful landscapes to fascinate people such as Tam Coc, Trang An, Van Trinh … and most recently the area. But cave ecotourism has now been discovered and evaluated as one of the most beautiful transatlantic caves today.

But cave is the road connecting Hoa Lu and Nho Quan districts (Ninh Binh province) underground, going deep inside the cave visitors can see with their own eyes many mysterious images and stalactites.

Ninh Binh tourism: Hibiscus cave with stone blocks resembling human figures

But cave belongs to Thung Nham tourist area (Ninh Binh province), with a length of 500 meters, the ceiling has the highest place 40 meters, the widest place 30 meters.

To explore the But cave, visitors can sit on a boat, wear a life jacket… During the tour, don’t put your hands outside the side of the boat, to avoid other boats entering the cave that are prone to collisions, causing unsafety.

In particular, when visiting But cave, the boatman will provide a flashlight to observe in the dark cave. And most of all, directly observe the image of the Buddha, the silk ribbon of the dragon’s body, the fairy lying down, the peach blossom bud spreading its thin wings…

But cave is completely a natural cave, the system of stalagmites develops with various shapes. In the cave, various forms of stalagmites and stalactites (stalagmites, stalactites, live stalagmites, dead stalagmites) develop in the cave.

Ninh Binh tourism: Visitors to the But cave pray for good luck

To call it the But cave because in the cave there is an image of stalactites like the image of the Buddha present. At the same time, the caves discovered by indigenous people have been preserved for many generations.

The story goes that, in the past, the life of the people of Nham village faced many difficulties, the crop failure and famine occurred constantly… In order to have a source of food, the villagers had to find their way through the mountains.

In the same year, heavy rain flooded the reed swamps in Thung, people walking along the mountain road saw the water receding strongly towards the foot of the mountain. When clearing from the foot of the mountain, the entrance of the cave appears, which is the Buddha cave today.

Visitors who have the opportunity to visit the But cave will notice that in the middle of the cave is a stalactite block 1.5m high, 2m wide, shaped like a kind old man sitting facing the end of the cave, People called him by the name of Mr. Buddha.

The people here believe that the Buddha always exists next to the underground river to bestow good luck and good fortune to the people living around the cave.

Located in the heart of Tuong mountain, 18km from Ninh Binh city, in Hoa Lu special-use forest in Dong Tam village, Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, But cave is nearly 500m long, the cave is very wide and has many stalactites with strange shapes. Located in the middle of the cave is a stalactite plate 1.5m high and 2m wide shaped like a mallow appearing in a fanciful, shimmering space. Coming to But Cave, visitors will be able to take a rowing boat ride, admire the wild, mysterious nature of the mountains and rivers, listen to the sound of thousands of winds, which will surely bring interesting surprises for visitors. sightseeing.

As soon as the boat arrives at the cave’s mouth, visitors will feel like they are lost in a mysterious world with stalactites hanging down with colorful sparkles, many magical and fancy shapes that will stimulate the senses. Curiosity and a passion for discovery.

The deeper you go inside, the wider and more mysterious the space opens up, inviting visitors to use their imagination to feel the beauty that nature bestows on this place. And when the boat is anchored next to the stalactite stalagmite, you should pause to take a few souvenir photos.

Not only can you explore the mysterious beauty of nature, you can also immerse yourself in the life of the countryside, traveling by bicycle through the bamboo-lined village roads to learn about the culture of the people. The custom of farmers in the wet rice area, you can even try to be a shepherd herding buffalo, slapping fish, catching crabs, grinding rice and pounding rice, or enjoying rustic dishes made by yourself, caught like grilled perch , crab soup with salted eggplant…

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