Ninh Binh’s summer is full of attractions

Ninh Binh is always the top tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists because it not only has beautiful nature but also has many scenic tourist attractions or extremely peaceful and relaxing resorts. Besides, in Ninh Binh there are also spiritual tourist destinations for Buddhist and Taoist followers.

In May, Ninh Binh is in the bright summer days, when sunlight penetrates everywhere. If you come to Ninh Binh in May, you will definitely have a memorable trip because this time is when the weather in Ninh Binh is extremely pleasant, very suitable for traveling. Therefore, let’s join Traveloka to find out the destinations not to be missed when coming to Ninh Binh in May!

Ninh Binh weather in May

If you are planning to travel to Ninh Binh, May cannot be a more ideal time for your journey. In May, Ninh Binh’s weather still retains a bit of the coolness of spring, with the added brilliance of the golden sunshine of summer.

Therefore, Ninh Binh in May has extremely pleasant weather, the air is not too hot but the weather is cool so it is very comfortable, suitable for exploring outdoor tourist attractions. With this weather characteristic, when traveling to Ninh Binh, tourists do not need to worry about preparing lots of warm clothes like when traveling in winter or worry about sunstroke or intense heat like when going to Ninh Binh. on summer days.

What’s beautiful in Ninh Binh in summer?

Summer is the time when vegetation grows well, so you will have the opportunity to visit many places as well as admire all the beauty of Ninh Binh.

Van Long lagoon

Van Long Lagoon is like a charming landscape painting with pristine scenery. This was chosen as the setting for filming Kong – Skull Island. You can take photos on the small road to get a charming landscape background. You can stand and take photos on the shore or wait for the boatman to take you to explore and take photos for 80,000 VND/2 people. If you plan to go boating, you should go in the morning or afternoon, because at noon it’s too sunny and no one will accept boating. Rest assured that even if you can’t go on a boat, you can still take great photos on the shore. With majestic mountain scenery like this, you just need to raise the camera and you will have a photo.

Hang Mua

With a ticket price of 100,000 VND/visit to visit Mua Cave, it is really cheap because you will have interesting experiences. You can take pictures in the brilliant lotus pond that is nearly 1 hectare wide. After checking in at the lotus pond, you can move to the top of Mua Cave to see the panoramic view from above. To get to Mua Cave you will have to conquer 486 steps. On the top of the mountain you can see the mountains, forests and rivers from above. This has become an eco-tourism destination combined with mountain climbing and an ideal place for photography. You leave at 3pm and can stay until 6pm to catch all the best moments.

In a wonderful setting like this, you should rent beautiful outfits to take photos. Costume rental prices here are quite reasonable, with only 70,000 VND to 150,000 VND you can have sparkling outfits.

Great love Coc

Summer in Tuyet Tinh Coc is relatively cool, you can choose this place is a hot point for hot days. The outstanding image in Tuyet Tinh Coc is the clear lake with turquoise color. This is a check-in location that you cannot miss. Coming to Tuyet Coc on sunny days, you can sit on a bamboo boat and take beautiful photos, the scenery here is very romantic. Many couples choose this place as a wedding photography location.

Trang An

Trang An is a favorite destination of tourists when traveling to Ninh Binh. When coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the country’s historical relics. Furthermore, the natural stalactite system with many unique shapes is also what makes Trang An score points with tourists.

Tam Coc

The means of transportation in Tam Coc is also by boat like Trang An. With a cost of about 390,000 VND for the boat and sightseeing tickets, Tam Coc seems to have less investment, so the water doesn’t look very clear, and moss grows a lot. The scenery here is also beautiful so some errors can be overlooked. Although the service in Tam Coc is not as good as Trang An, this is still a place worth going, especially on summer days because the rice on both sides of the river is ripe and beautiful.

Things to note during your summer trip to Ninh Binh

  • With mountainous terrain and many stairs, you should wear flat shoes for ease of movement. You can prepare a pair of high heels in your bag to wear when taking photos to look more beautiful.
  • For the purpose of traveling and taking photos, you should choose outfits that are as bright as possible because bright clothes will look much better when photographed.
  • You should apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays
  • You can bring a small umbrella to block the sun while traveling and can also be used as a photography prop.
  • Take a lot of photos, so remember to bring a backup charger
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