Outstanding Camping Sites in Ninh Binh

The majestic mountains, beautiful wings are poetic and lyrical. There are many camping sites in Ninh Binh to relax and unwind. Let’s experience and explore nature and the close beauties of the peaceful ancient capital.

Being likened to the “miniature North”, Ninh Binh is generously endowed by nature with diverse terrain ranging from hills, semi-mountains to coastal plains. Here, you will not be able to escape the admiration, surprise, bewilderment and surprise at the beauty of famous landscapes. Specifically, such as: Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Camping at Chill area with sunshine near Trang An Ninh Binh

90km from Hanoi on the way to Trang An, right near the boat station about 500m away is a new destination, attracting a lot of tourists, especially young people organizing Ninh Binh camping. Chill with the sun is located in Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, owns a vast empty land and azure lake, this will be an ideal stop for the backpacking team to have a “play” and forget the way home. . Visitors will experience many interesting activities such as: tent rest, kayaking, horse care, cycling.

Chill with Sunny is an extremely reasonable choice for families with young children or couples who love camping but still want hotel-like amenities. Chill and Sunny are located in the complex of Trang An relic site, the air is fresh, the tents are all used by Naturehike, the campus is spacious with lush green lawns, the toilet area has a clean and comfortable bathroom.

Camping in Cuc Phuong forest in Ninh Binh

Adjacent to 3 provinces of Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa and Hoa Binh, Cuc Phuong forest is located in Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh. As a nature reserve storing a variety of animals and plants, this place has aroused nature lovers’ passion for discovering ancient trees and beautiful birds and animals.

In the midst of the vast space of mountains and forests, there is nothing more interesting than to experience the “feeling of sleeping in a tent in the forest” with friends. Let’s stay away from high-rise concrete buildings to live in a simple, simple colorful cloth hut. In the quiet night, the sound of insects chirping in the ears, in front of the dense leaves, the gentle forest winds seem to wash away all stress to lull you to sleep better.

Note, there is no rental service here, so you should prepare your own tent, grill, charcoal, food, etc. to have a perfect trip. This is also the time for you to move away from modern technology 4.0. A space without electricity and 3G network waves will help you “detox” your phone, TV and eye-catching games. Please note to prepare all kinds of chargers to prevent the device from running out of battery!

Camping Bai Doi near Trang An Ninh Binh

About 90km from Hanoi on the way to Trang An, Bai Doi right near the boat station about 500m away will be a new destination for young people to organize camping in Ninh Binh. Owning a vast vacant land and azure lake, this will be an ideal stop for the backpacking team to have a “play” and forget the way home.

On the smooth green grass, let’s roll up your sleeves and build your own custom-decorated huts. Here, the time when modern humans built their own tents will be recorded. Between the space and the green area is the highlight, a short moment but full of emotions and stories of passionate followers to “change the wind” of life style. These will definitely be moments of more independence and self-mastery.

After all the tent-building activities, what you need to do is replenish energy by the campfire or the fragrant BBQ grill. How long has it been, you haven’t seen each other, haven’t been able to lean on each other’s shoulders and confide late at night? The nights lying in the camp listening to the chirping insects, sitting around the fire roasting corn and potatoes, sipping some hot barbecued meat… will be a short night that the daily stories told over and over again do not know. bored.

Please note, around this area there is almost no rental service for tents, camps, grills, etc. So, prepare carefully for your trip with the necessary items for the picnic to take place as desired. . Besides, you can prepare many beautiful vintage clothes and dresses to live virtual. Every moment, this place will change to a new color so that you immediately own “one destination – many albums”.

Located on the Trang An river, your team can completely visit the Silver Pagoda. With the highlight of the lotus stations, this will be an attractive spiritual tourist destination attracting many visitors to pray for peace. In particular, the temple becomes more shimmering and fanciful every night. This is also an ideal time for you to sit and chat and wander around, admiring this sacred beauty.

The special thing is that after the picnic is over, the group should turn their game into a smart and modern tour. Remember to clean up and pick up trash to protect the beautiful natural landscape. Leave nothing but discovery footprints. Do not bring anything but check-in photos with millions of likes.

Yen Thang Lake – Camping in Ninh Binh

As one of the freshwater lakes that contributes to the “beautiful” landscape of the ancient capital, Yen Thang Lake is blessed by nature with wild beauty, charming water and peaceful space. unusual. With a calm lake that exists as a romantic picture, this place has captivated the hearts of many explorers who want to visit once in their life.

Making a strong impression with the peaceful landscape interwoven by the green of the trees mixed with the jade water color, it evokes a feeling of coolness and comfort. Located right by the lake, the terrain here is divided by hills and mountains, between four sides are rivers. Therefore, the multi-dimensional space of Yen Thang lake is likened to romantic and poetic “small islands”.

Thanks to the harmony in the pure beauty of nature by the calm lake, an unspoiled landscape always attracts backpackers who come here to explore and camp overnight. Come here to feel the peaceful, quiet life of the landscape. Get ready with your friends and set up a tent to create simple and genuine moments.

With colorful tents and colored carpets for picnics, with just a little food and water in the dreamy afternoon, you can chill out with the poetic scenery. At night, the starry sky shimmers like an endless galaxy and the sound of frogs will put you into a deep, soothing sleep.

In the midst of a spacious and airy space, what could be better than when the aromatic smoke of barbecue is carried by the lakeside wind with the breath of nature and then brought into the nose. Let’s organize activities together to keep memories, take pictures together, enjoy home-cooked dishes to love and appreciate life more interestingly!

Do not ignore an extreme natural filter with sunlight that is not too bright, white clouds floating with lake water, green trees … to have ecstatic pictures right away. There will be no need for any photo editing app, just a little charismatic acting because the scene here is already so great.

Besides, you can reward yourself with relaxing and peaceful moments by experiencing lakeside fishing. All movements are so gentle and smooth, only the sound of fish snapping bait adds to the silence and silence. The enveloping stillness is evoked from a very small “cave” that reminds you of the familiar, familiar autumn sound of the village.

In particular, here, your team can join together to participate in interesting activities under the water. With experiences: kayaking, ducking, sitting on a wooden boat… will surely be the most exciting moments of laughter and laughter.

For those who are passionate about round balls, the Royal Royal Golf Course will help you feel comfortable with your hobby. With 54 largest golf holes in Vietnam, this will be an interesting place for golfers to show their conquering talents.

A few general notes

Almost certainly on camping trips, you all bake, you take great care when building a fire in the woods or in a place with lots of trees. After finishing, make sure all the sparks have been completely extinguished, avoiding the risk of causing forest fires.

Always have a trash bag ready to clean up after each camping trip and bring it back to the starting point (except where there is a trash can or separate garbage collection area).

For places with ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams, pay close attention and always have someone watch over the children to ensure safety. If you intend to swim, always use a life jacket.

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