Picnic “extremely fun” at Yen Thang lake Ninh Binh

As one of the freshwater lakes that contributes to the “beautiful” landscape of the ancient capital, Yen Thang Lake is blessed by nature with wild beauty, charming water and peaceful space. unusual. With a calm lake that exists as a romantic picture, this place has captivated the hearts of many explorers who want to visit once in their life.

About Yen Thang Lake Ninh Binh

  • Address: Yen Thang commune, Yen Mo district, Ninh Binh province

Yen Thang lake travel experience is that you should go in the summer, because the climate is very cool, the space is spacious, suitable for organizing outdoor activities. In the past, the lake was considered as an irrigation work against floods of local people, with a system of spillways and modern irrigation machines. Today, the poetic scenery, combined with convenient transportation advantages, make this place one of the attractive eco-tourism areas in Ninh Binh.

This place is only about 3km from the center of Tam Diep city – Ninh Binh, so it is easy to find. If you go from Hanoi city center, it only takes you about 2 hours to drive to the place. Therefore, Yen Thang lake is very attractive, especially on weekends.

This is a freshwater lake with the largest surface area in Vietnam (about 180ha). Yen Thang Lake is very suitable for families, groups to organize picnics and enjoy the fresh air.

Thanks to the harmony in the pure beauty of nature by the calm lake, an unspoiled landscape always attracts backpackers who come here to explore and camp overnight. Come here to feel the peaceful, quiet life of the landscape. Get ready with your friends and set up a tent to create simple and genuine moments.

With colorful tents and colored carpets for picnics, with just a little food and water in the dreamy afternoon, you can chill out with the poetic scenery. At night, the starry sky shimmers like an endless galaxy and the sound of frogs will put you into a deep, soothing sleep.

The beauty has 1-0-2 of Yen Thang lake

Yen Thang Lake has a multi-dimensional space like an attractive 3D picture. Around the lake is a large hill with green trees that bring a cool atmosphere all year round. When the Sun shines, you will see a harmonious scene, the blue water surface is silhouetted by clouds. The atmosphere is very pleasant, harmonious, making everyone feel comfortable and peaceful.

Around Yen Thang Lake, there are also small huts covering the sun and rain, and small bridges make very beautiful miniatures. All create a charming picture, naturally beautiful, airy, unspoiled, attracting all visitors.

The water surface is wild and romantic, with many sections divided by hills and small mountains like islands in the middle of space. The landscape is as harmonious as nature’s natural picture for you to take hundreds of beautiful photos.

In the early morning, the calm lake surface floating in the morning dew is likened to a place between mountains and forests. At dawn, the sun illuminates everything, and the lake is like a giant clear blue pearl. If you organize a camping trip to watch the sunset, you will also see the lake surface sparkling in brilliant orange, a rare dreamy and fanciful scene.

Yen Thang Lake is an interesting weekend picnic place for groups who love to explore nature. What are you waiting for without carrying your backpack right away and always love the land of Ninh Binh more?

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