Review Ninh Binh attractive summer through the point of view of gen Z

Ninh Binh summer will be an interesting experience that you cannot miss. Ninh Binh in the summer days contains the radiant beauty of the Northern tourist area that you cannot miss. 

What’s attractive in Ninh Binh?

 As a city very close to Hanoi, it is possible to combine Ninh Binh – Hanoi in the same trip, moving from Hanoi to Ninh Binh about 1h30′ There are too many beautiful scenes, everything is like a picture, too suitable for virtual living purposes. Easy to move around, suitable for young people who want to travel but are limited in time, exploring Ninh Binh only needs 2 weekends.

How to go to Ninh Binh

  The way to move to Ninh Binh is very convenient, if you are far away, you have to travel by plane, then go to Hanoi airport, then move to Ninh Binh takes about 1 hour 30 minutes by car, choose the train option as well. there is Ninh Binh station right in Ninh Binh city. Or the north-south bus routes to Hanoi pass through Ninh Binh city.

    If you live in Hanoi, it’s easy, just go to the bus station, especially Giap Bat or Luong Yen wharf, there will be a car to Ninh Binh, My Dinh wharf now I don’t know if there is a car to Ninh Binh or not. As for those of you traveling to Hanoi and in the old town area, you can contact the hotel reception because as far as I know, there are buses running from the old town to Ninh Binh every day in the old town.

 Going from Hanoi to Ninh Binh (limousine):
  • If you stop in the city, it’s 135k/way
  •  If you stop at the attractions, it’s 150k/way

Note: If you go by bus to Ninh Binh, you should rent a motorbike for convenient travel between tourist destinations, both cheap and mobile.

Means of transportation in Ninh Binh

  • Rent a motorbike: the road is easy to go, so riding a motorbike is quite okay, no problem. Before going, tell the traffic police here or check the administration, you should bring a driver’s license with full papers. Fortunately, I didn’t see the yellow shirt guys for 2 days.
  •  If you take a taxi, you don’t press the clock on New Year’s Day, so you have to bargain first. In Tam Coc, I see there is a list price for a 4-seater taxi a day is 800k, and the price to go to places (but forgot to take pictures)

Summer is the time when vegetation grows well, so you will have the opportunity to visit many places as well as admire the beauty of Ninh Binh. 

Van Long lagoon is like a charming painting with unspoiled scenery. This was chosen as the setting for filming Kong – Skull Island. You can take photos on the small road to get a charming landscape background. You can stand to take pictures on the shore or wait for the boatman to take you to explore and take pictures for 80,000 VND / 2 people. If you plan to go by boat, you should go in the morning or afternoon, because the noon is too sunny, no one accepts boating. Rest assured that even if you can’t take a boat, you can still take good pictures on the shore. With the majestic mountain scenery finished like this, you just need to raise the camera and there will be photos.

With a ticket price of 100,000 VND / time to visit Mua Cave , it is really cheap because you will have interesting experiences. You can take pictures in the brilliant lotus lagoon nearly 1 hectare wide. After checking-in at the lotus lagoon, you can move to the top of Mua cave to enjoy the panoramic view from above. To get to Mua cave you will have to conquer 486 steps. On the top of the mountain, you can see the scenery of mountains and rivers from above. This has become an ecotourism combined with mountain climbing and an ideal place to take photos. You go at 3pm and can stay until 6pm to catch all the best moments.

In a wonderful scene like this, you should rent beautiful costumes to take pictures, the price of costumes here is quite reasonable when only 70,000 VND to 150,000 VND you have shimmering outfits.

Summer in Tuyet Tinh Coc is relatively cool, you can choose this place as a hot spot for hot days. The outstanding image in Tuyet Tinh Coc is a clear lake with turquoise color. This is a check-in place that you cannot miss. Coming to Tuyet Tinh Coc on sunny days, you can sit on a bamboo boat and take beautiful photos, the scenery here is very romantic. This place has many couples choose as a wedding photography location.

Trang An is the most famous tourist area in Ninh Binh. Trang An preserves the natural landscape well with blue rivers and a system of mountain ranges. You will use the boat to visit Trang An for 250,000 VND/person on a 4-person boat. If you want privacy and comfortably take pictures without disturbing anyone or being disturbed, you should cover the boat for 750,000 VND. Time to explore Trang An more than 3 hours, in general, the service here is quite good and worth the money. 

Means of transportation in Tam Coc are also boats like Trang An. With a cost of about 390,000 VND for boat and entrance tickets, but Tam Coc seems to have less investment, so the water does not seem very green, moss grows a lot. The scenery here is also beautiful, so some error details can be overlooked. Although the service in Tam Coc is not as good as Trang An, but this is also a place worth going, especially on summer days because the rice on both sides of the river is very beautiful. 

One thing Bike Plus wants to remind you is that the service here is not good, so you may be bothered by the situation of street vendors on the river or sometimes there is still a situation where the boatman suggests about tipping.

What to eat in Ninh Binh?

     With determination to enjoy Ninh Binh specialties. I asked the homestay owner and was advised to have burnt rice and goat meat. I heard that I was already in love, and right next to my homestay, there is a Thang Long restaurant. With the motto to go where the specialty cup goes, the burnt rice and goat meat dishes cannot be ignored. Admittedly a specialty, it’s already delicious to eat cooked rice in a bag, let alone other things. Here, eat cooked rice with extra sauce to make it indescribably delicious. When I asked, I only knew that the sauce had pork heart and kidney stir-fried with vegetables, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and mushrooms. And the goat meat dish can not be faulted. Maybe it can’t be described in words, if you have the opportunity to visit Ninh Binh, remember to try these 2 specialties.

    Going with her sister decided not to eat goat meat because goat meat stinks. But when I went to the Three-door restaurant to eat goat meat with lemon, I ate all of a plate by myself and complimented it on delicious. So you can come and eat here. The shop is near Trang An area, right. Located in the alley but the food is delicious and reasonably priced. The staff is also quick and friendly. In general, this is a very good place to eat.

At this restaurant, I read a review on Facebook so I went to try it. Because around Trang An area, I only see goats and goats, but I am afraid of chopping and not being delicious, so I still choose to eat according to the review. Luckily it’s delicious.

To help you have the best experience, will give you a few notes!

– With mountainous terrain and many steps, you should wear flat shoes for convenient movement, you can prepare a pair of high heels to put in your pocket to bring in more beautiful pictures when taking pictures.

– For the purpose of travel photography, you should choose the most brilliant outfits as possible because bright clothes will look much better on the picture.

You should wear sunscreen to protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays

– You can bring a small umbrella to block the sun during travel and can also be used as a photo prop.

– Take a lot of photos, so remember to bring a backup charger

In my opinion, Ninh Binh is beautiful and beautiful, you should go once to say the beauty of the country, majestic mountains and rivers, friendly people, close, reasonable prices, cheaper than many cities other travel.

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