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  • Address: Dinh Dien Street – Dong Thanh Ward – City. Ninh Binh
  • SĐT: 0229 3889 979
  • Website:

The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh is a 4-star luxury hotel with a prime location in the heart of Ninh Binh city. Resting here, visitors will experience and enjoy a luxurious and classy resting space with a professional staff who are always dedicated to supporting all requirements of visitors.

Prominent in the heart of the city, The Reed Hotel appears eye-catching and attractive with a tall red-white building and shimmering lighting system. Especially in the evening, this place lights up like a brilliant castle in the vast sky.

At The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh, guests can also enjoy many delicious and unique dishes of all regions in Vietnam and also in Europe. From the selection of ingredients, processing to the decoration and serving of the dishes, all are meticulously cared for by the most professional chefs and staff, so you should definitely not miss the wonderful meals that awaken all senses. authority in this place.

In addition to room service, dining and entertainment, The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh Vietnam is also an ideal choice for parties and seminars with a large capacity of up to 2000 guests.


Directions to The Reed Ninh Binh

To move to Ninh Binh city, there are many types of vehicles that visitors can choose depending on their preferences and needs.

Private vehicle: to be able to see the beautiful scenery along the way, you can travel by your own car or motorbike. Visitors just need to follow the route Phap Van – Cau Gie to reach Ninh Binh with about 2 hours of travel.

3. The beauty of the room system at The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh

The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh owns modern and comfortable rooms to make your stay truly the fullest. With a system of 153 rooms, The Reed Hotel is always ready to serve guests 24/24. The room space gives you the most cozy feeling like being at home during your vacation.

3.1. Deluxe Room

Deluxe rooms of The Reed Hotel all have large windows, allowing you to see the panoramic view of Ninh Binh’s natural wonders. The room is equipped with a large bed and the bathroom has a bathtub to help you have a really relaxing space.

Deluxe room: price from 1,020,000 VND/room/night

  • The room has an area of ​​33m2, with modern and comfortable equipment.
  • Room for 2 people
  • Room with 2 single beds
  • The room can add up to 1 extra bed
  • Free breakfast

3.2. Grand Deluxe Room

At The Reed Hotel, the Grand Deluxe room has a larger area than the regular Deluxe room. As a result, you will feel as comfortable as in your own home. The equipment on the bed is also carefully selected, helping guests to sleep well.

Grand Deluxe Room : from 1,180,000 VND/room/night

  • 33m 2  wide with modern and comfortable equipment.
  • 1 double bed
  • View: city.
  • Free breakfast

3.3 Junior Suite Room

With an area of ​​42m2, the Junior Suite room at The Reed Hotel is the perfect choice for family vacations, or those who need more spacious rest.

Junior Suite  : from 1,650,000 VND/room/night

  • Suitable for 2 people
  • Room area is about 42m2, equipped with modern and comfortable equipment.
  • 1 double bed
  • Free breakfast

3.4 Executive Suite

The Executive Suite at The Reed Hotel has a separate living room and bedroom, many facilities such as a relaxing sofa, a kitchen and a work desk. This will be the ideal choice for business trips or long vacations of travelers.

Executive Suite : from 1,815,000 VND/room/night

  • 75m2 wide with modern and comfortable equipment 
  • 1 double bed
  • Suitable for 2-3 people
  • Direction: City
  • Free breakfast


4. Utilities at The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh

4.1. Bong Lau restaurant

  • Location: 2nd floor of The Reed . hotel
  • Open from 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Bong Lau Restaurant, is honored to serve customers with special dishes of Ninh Binh land, as well as other regions of Vietnam. And the culinary experience has never been so exciting, when the dining rooms at the restaurant are decorated in a cozy, friendly but equally luxurious manner, with a capacity of 10 to 100 guests. This is really the ideal place to enjoy food for tourists to choose.

4.2 Cuc Phuong Restaurant

  • Location: 3rd floor of The Reed . hotel
  • Open from 6:00AM to 9:30AM

There are many ways to start the day, one of which is with a delicious breakfast. At Cuc Phuong Restaurant, 3rd floor of The Reed Hotel, offers the best choices for breakfast buffet, from European style to traditional Vietnamese dishes for customers.

Not only delicious dishes, you can also enjoy breakfast in a bright and modern space at Cuc Phuong Restaurant. Cuc Phuong restaurant is constantly improving to bring guests the best breakfast, to start a new day full of excitement.

4.3 Aria Cafe

  • Location: 1st floor of The Reed . hotel
  • Open from 6:00AM to 11:00PM

Come and feel the wonderful space at Aria Cafe, with modern interior design, green areas, water space and special food and drink menu. Aria Cafe offers a wide selection, from traditional drinks, to authentic Vietnamese coffee, cocktails and specialty wines. Not only that, many Asian and European dishes are also carefully selected for you to enjoy. Aria Cafe is the most unique model of Cafe in Ninh Binh city today.

4.4. Conference room

The Reed Ninh Binh Hotel owns 2 large conference rooms with a capacity of up to 2000 guests, so this will be the perfect choice when visitors want to organize large events and seminars.

4.5. Pool

The outdoor swimming pool is designed to create a great relaxing space for visitors. Just soaking in the cool blue water, watching the peaceful natural scenery right below is very relaxing, isn’t it?


With the great things that The Reed Hotel Ninh Binh will bring to your vacation, this place is definitely a perfect choice for you to have the opportunity to explore many of Ninh Binh’s beauties and have your own. memorable trip.

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