1. About Tam Coc Garden Resort

Nestled in the middle of a romantic mountain natural space, Tam Coc Garden Resort appears with the quiet but no less modern and luxurious appearance of a 4-star resort. The open and closed natural space recreating the idyllic daily life of the villagers in the North has made this resort a strong impression on visitors from near and far.

Tam Coc Garden is a 4-star resort in the top 10 most famous Ninh Binh resorts for relaxation. The resort is spread over an area of ​​6000m2, nestled between rice fields and majestic limestone mountains in the land of Hoa Lu. Therefore, this place possesses the advantage of peaceful and poetic natural scenery.

Tam Coc Garden Resort has a simple elegant design, recreating life in the countryside in the North of Vietnam with water wells, bamboo ramparts, vegetable gardens and fruit trees. This is a place where visitors feel like returning to their hometown, where they can find peace of mind. 

To learn more about the highlights and experiences of going to Tam Coc Resort, explore with DulichToday in the next sections below.

2. Address Tam Coc Garden Resort 

  • * Address: Hai Nham Hamlet, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh

2.1 Detailed address

Tam Coc Garden Resort is located in Hai Nham village, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, about 100km from the center of Hanoi capital with 2 hours by car. The resort is located right near Tam Coc-Bich Dong tourist area, so visitors can easily move to visit this famous tourist area.

2.2 Directions to Tam Coc Garden Resort

From Hanoi city center, visitors can choose the shortest route via Hanoi – Ninh Binh highway to move. From the center, cross Giai Phong street to Phap Van – Cau Gie highway, enter Hanoi – Ninh Binh highway. Visitors move on this highway about 80km to Highway 10, follow the exit to Nam Dinh-Ninh Binh, then move along Highway 10 about 17km to Tam Coc Garden Resort.

3. Experience moving to Tam Coc Garden Resort

Guide to Ninh Binh by motorbike from Hanoi

If you go by motorbike, you can go in the direction of National Highway 1A from Giai Phong Street through the old Ha Tay area, then back to Phu Ly – Ha Nam to reach Ninh Binh. This route is a straight road, so it is quite easy to go to the National Highway 1A – Gie Bridge section, so many sections are making it a bit dusty and there is no divider, so you should pay attention to move carefully and at the right speed, this road has a number of roads. The place is rough and there are also many big cars going on this road, for the girls you need to buy yourself a driver with a very strong steering wheel!

In order to have a safe trip by motorbike, you should carefully prepare the necessary equipment and personal items to ensure health, as well as prepare a full driver’s license.

Traveling by self-driving car

  • Reference car rental price : from 1,200,000 VND/day for a 7-seater car (depending on the car company)

Renting a self-driving car will help visitors be proactive about travel time as well as rest time, suitable if the group has elderly people and children. The average travel time from the center of Hanoi to the resort is about 1h40p.

If traveling by self-driving car, visitors follow the Giai Phong route towards National Highway 1A. Visitors continue and then turn left onto the Hanoi – Ninh Binh highway. After passing Day River, visitors turn right towards Tran Nhan Tong Street. On the main road, you turn left right in front of Bich Dong Pagoda. Going about 2km more, you will see on the right side of the restaurant of Tam Coc Garden. The resort is located on a land in the middle of large rice fields and can only be reached by a small road connecting to the main road.


Tam Coc Garden Resort includes 16 rooms with open design, close to nature. The rooms all provide full amenities to serve the needs of guests.

4.1 Villa with private pool

Designed with an area of ​​150m2, equipped with 2 large double beds and 1 sofa bed, this villa is equipped with a private swimming pool convenient for guests to use. Villa divided into 2 bedrooms with 2 separate bathrooms is very convenient, each bedroom is fully equipped with basic amenities to serve the needs of tourists. This villa is very suitable for groups of friends or families. Households can choose to stay during their vacation.

4.2 King Room

The room area is 50m2, equipped with a large double bed, with a private balcony for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. The interior of the room is designed with very delicate warm tones. View of the room overlooks the majestic and lyrical mountain scenery. Couples can choose this room as a place to stay during their vacation.

4.3 Deluxe Double or Twin Room

The room area is 50m2, equipped with a large double bed, with a private balcony for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. The interior of the room is designed with very delicate warm tones. View of the room overlooks the majestic and lyrical mountain scenery. Couples can choose this room as a place to stay during their vacation.

4.3 Deluxe Double or Twin Room

Room design is about 38m2, equipped with 1 large double bed or 2 single beds, room view facing the majestic mountains. The room architecture is designed to be minimalistic and delicate with mainly wooden furniture, creating a feeling of closeness to nature.



Experience activities at Tam Coc Garden Resort will help visitors discover the local culture, creating unforgettable memories for their Ninh Binh trip. DulichToday suggests 5 most outstanding activities and services at the resort for families, couples, groups of friends and even solo guests.

5.1. Picnic with family and friends

Tam Coc Garden Resort has an outdoor picnic area that is suitable for families or groups of friends. From the resort, guests can take a boat or jeep to the picnic area. This place is surrounded by a lake and a lot of trees, bringing a cool space even in summer.


Picnic by the lake, visitors can admire the beautiful natural scenery in the countryside of Ninh Binh and the panorama of Tam Coc Garden. During the picnic, guests will dine outdoors with exquisite and delicious dishes, and enjoy traditional Vietnamese folk music.

5.2. Visit the resort’s vegetable garden and take a cooking class

Tam Coc Garden Resort owns a very large self-grown vegetable garden. Visitors can visit, guide how to sow seeds and manually harvest vegetables grown in the garden such as: lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, … All the ingredients after being harvested. The plan will be taken to the restaurant kitchen to continue cooking with the chef. Participating in the class, guests will be guided to cook traditional local dishes, directly enjoy their culinary creations amidst the cozy and sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant.

Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the indigenous people and be taught how to fish and fish, exchange and learn about the lives of local people. After catching, visitors return to the kitchen to cook with the chef traditional Vietnamese dishes.

5.3. Join Vietnamese traditional craft classes

For generations, embroidery, basket-weaving, rafting and kite-making have been closely associated with the Vietnamese people. Craft classes at Tam Coc Garden Resort will certainly bring interesting new experiences, helping visitors learn about Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese soul. 

Participating in the class, visitors will be taught how to make exquisite products from easily available natural ingredients, then keep their work as a souvenir. In particular, the resort has a large yard to fly kites for those who want to try their hand after making the kite themselves.  

5.4. Relax and massage your feet at Zen Space

Zen Space is a spa at Tam Coc Garden Resort, located by the pool with views of the limestone mountains. Your vacation will be incomplete if you miss experiencing spa services, especially foot massage at the resort. 

The formula of foot bath with natural herbs such as rose petals, lemongrass, ginger, basil, … will help visitors relax, eliminate fatigue stress in daily life.

6. Dining experience at Tam Coc Garden Resort

Guests have many culinary choices when staying at Tam Coc Garden Resort Ninh Binh. Those are the restaurants right inside the resort or outside the resort.

Inside the resort, there is only one restaurant serving 3 meals a day for visitors. Each dish at Tam Coc Garden restaurant has its own unique flavor when skillfully prepared by the chef with fresh herbs available at the garden.

Regarding the view at the restaurant, sitting on the 2nd floor, visitors can have a panoramic view of the surrounding resort.


Located in a prime location near the famous tourist areas of Ninh Binh, every year  Tam Coc Garden Resort welcomes many tourists to visit and stay. With a high number of visitors, the situation of room fire is inevitable. So, booking in advance will help you choose the right place to stay and limit the shortage of rooms.

You can visit Tico Travel ‘s website or directly call the hotline: 0943.333.333 to contact booking and follow the fastest booking instructions. Moreover, you can also participate in attractive promotions of Tico Travel .

Tam Coc Garden Resort booking information :

Address: Hai Nham Hamlet, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh

Phone number:  0943 333 333  –  025 7777 7777

Fanpage:  https://www.facebook.com/TicoTravelHN

Website: https://ticotravel.com.vn

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