Thai Vi Temple Ninh Binh

Thai Vi is a famous sacred temple worshiping the kings of the Tran Dynasty, located between green rice fields and a complex of rolling mountains and hills. Right outside the temple gate is a shady banyan tree and a small water row under the banyan tree is where visitors stop to rest and chat. The temple is located in the middle of a beautiful, harmonious space, with the Ngo Giang river on the right, Coi Linh mountain on the left, and in front of the temple door is a golden well containing clear Bach Ngoc. That scene of green mountains and blue waters reminds visitors of the folk saying: “Thao Tu Son Liem has no peerless holy land (This holy land is only one, not two)/ Hoang Thuy flower disturbs the first heavenly pearl (River Crooked mountains, fragrant flowers and strange grass, scenery like a fairyland, also unique)

Unique features of Thai Vi Tam Coc temple

Currently there are two ways to get to Thai Vi temple: follow the road through Van Lam the boating and turn onto the road parallel to Ngo Dong river to enter the temple or you can go down the river or boat. Go to Tam Coc. However, the entrance via waterway will be most unique. You will be transformed into a tiny “dot” in the vast, vast space of Tam Coc, surrounded by interwoven gray-green mountains.

Located inside the natural landscape like a painting, Thai Vi temple has architecture in the style of “Foreign Noi Cong”. All pillars inside and outside the temple are made of monolithic green stone, the outside is meticulously carved, the technology uses elegant patterns and comfortably absorbs the carvings on wood. In front of the temple is a pearl also built of green stone, green all year round. The temple outfit will have many symbols, stone steles and ancient bells of the greatest value. The stele tower will record the merits of those who elaborated and built the temple.

As soon as you enter the temple, you will see a large dragon yard, about 40 m2, paved with green stones. The main road and dragon yard are both paved with green stones. On both sides will be two rows of Vong houses – where the ancients would discuss rituals. In addition, Thai Vi temple also has Five Great Gates with extremely impressive carved architecture. The outside of the stone column will be carved with prominent parallel sentences in Chinese characters, surrounded by a delicately carved stone porch with two dragons flanking the moon.

Although there are many stone pillars inside Thai Vi temple, the stonemasons have “breathed soul” into each pillar, making them more soulful and artistic. Whether it’s sculpting parallel sentences or commemorating kings of the Tran Dynasty, they all have their own, special features. In Chinh Tam’s examination palace, statues of Tran Dynasty kings will be placed. If in the middle is the statue of Tran Thanh Tong, on the left are the statues of Tran Thanh Tong and Tran Thai Tong, then on the right will be the statue of Queen Mother Hien Tu. Every line on the face is meticulously carved, simulating the portraits of kings.

Thai Vi Temple is closely associated with the history of the Tran Dynasty, so this is a sacred place for people from all over the country to come to commemorate the merits of the Tran kings. Besides, with traditional “internal and foreign” architecture, delicate and sharp decorative lines, the temple also carries priceless cultural, architectural, and spiritual values that need to be loved, respected, and appreciated. preserve forever over time.

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