The magical beauty of Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a place that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists with attractive types of tourism: spiritual tourism, cultural history research and cave exploration.

About Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh

Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh is located in the complex of Trang An scenic spots , hidden deep behind the Tuong mountain range with an altitude of 200m. This mountain is known as a very solid natural wall to protect and protect the capital Hoa Lu in the 10th century. At the same time, it is associated with many places of great cultural and historical value such as: Dau Linh field, Phat Dau Son mountain, Le boat wharf,… 

From Muong Tho Ha village, a light boat glides on a small canal with a length of about 1km, belonging to the Ben Dang river system. Running along this canal is the Tuong mountain range, where Thien Thanh and Thien Ha caves are hidden. Tuong Mountain has an altitude of nearly 200m. In the 10th century, this mountain range played the role of a solid natural wall surrounding and protecting Hoa Lu citadel, associated with places imbued with historical and cultural imprints such as Nha Nha Marina. Le, Phat Dau Son Mountain, Field of Dou Soldier… full of heroism. According to legend, King Le summoned soldiers here and made generals, from then on, the mountain was called General Mountain.

Going to the end of the canal, right near the boat station, there is a road leading to the mountain, visitors step up 157 stone steps to Thien Thanh cave. This is a dry cave, not very big, just over 50m in length, but the beauty in the cave must make people admire. The position and surface of the layers of stalagmites and stalactites have contributed to the depth and richness of the cave. The stalactites with different shapes, white as snow, sparkling, blurred, sometimes far apart to reveal a large ceiling array, sometimes close together like coral reefs… . Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the magnificent and magnificent beauty when admiring the stalactites layered from the top of the cave arch down to the foot of the cave, then forming a charming iridescent curtain. .

A few hundred meters from Thien Thanh cave is Thien Ha cave. The gate of Thien Ha cave is not very big, the height of the cave is only 3-4m, but the more you go inside, the more surprised and attracted by the beauty of thousands of hand-created stone masterpieces. meticulously carved and arranged. The cave is 700m long, including 200m long dry cave and 500m long water cave.

Dry cave is the highest and widest place in Thien Ha cave, with a base of about 40m wide, 200m long with countless stalactites of different shapes evoking people’s imagination such as: Buddha image, castle, animal shape. Animals, propeller-shaped, human ears… In addition, the dry cave also has a door leading to the southern mountainside, called Heaven’s Well. The skylight is wide and about 2.5-3m high, pouring natural light down to the bottom, making the space open and airy. On sunny days, that light reflects on the stalactites, giving off very fanciful and eye-catching colors. This Sky Well area still retains many vestiges of the ancient Vietnamese people, who lived about 7500 – 10000 years ago. Here, scientists found traces of mollusks, hewn tools, fragments of magma group, bones of terrestrial animals… Residents here live and fully exploit in the advanced marine environment. The cultural layer preserved almost intact in Thien Ha cave shows a vivid picture of the life of the ancient Vietnamese with the adaptation and creativity of the cultural inhabitants before and after the sea progressed through the period of sea recession. in the New Stone Age.

Entering the water cave, visitors can take a boat ride on the 500m long underground river which is likened to the Milky Way, while the stalactites above and on either side of the river are as beautiful as the moon and stars. Below the water surface reflects the sparkling light upwards, making the scene shimmering and fanciful. The curving, endless Milky Way galaxy with layers upon layers of shimmering stalactites with the legends of Hoa Tien Island, Bau Sua Mother, … giving visitors the feeling of being lost in a fairyland. , infatuated with the fairyland.

According to research by British scientists, Thien Ha cave is a living cave complex. Because the development of geological layers here is still going strong. The most obvious manifestation is the development of stalagmites in the cave, which are continuously eroded by water droplets to form magnificent and magical stalactites. In particular, the cave almost retains its pristine appearance with thousands of bats living.

Great time visiting Thien Ha Cave

Most of the caves are hidden deep inside the earth. So the temperature in here is always lower than normal. So according to Ninh Binh travel experience , you should come here in the summer months. 

What to bring to explore Thien Ha cave?

To have a complete tour, prepare the following items: 

  • Bring your camera, fully charged phone to check in, record the most sparkling pictures. 
  • Bring a light jacket to avoid cold temperatures. 
  • You can bring water, food so that if you explore the cave for a long time, you can take it out to recharge. 
  • Should choose sports shoes with strong grip to avoid moving comfortably and avoid slipping. 

With its magnificent beauty, shimmering like a lavish palace, Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh deserves to be an extremely magical attraction. In the near future, if you are planning to visit somewhere, you can choose this place as your destination. 

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