The unforgettable beauty of Van Long Lagoon

Van Long Lagoon in recent years has become a tourist destination attracting a large number of visitors, thanks to the beauty of its natural scenery. When you come here, you will see that Ninh Binh has become quieter, wilder and more peaceful than ever, completely different from crowded, bustling tourist destinations. This is also the location that appeared in the famous movie Kong – Skull Island by Legendary Entertainment thanks to its impressive scenery.

Why Does Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh Attract Tourists?

With an area of more than 3,500 hectares, Van Long lagoon is the largest wetland nature reserve in the North, established in 1998. This tourist area is proud of its unique ecosystem including wetlands. and forests on limestone mountains, creating a source of life for thousands of diverse species of animals and plants. Notably, this is where the largest herd of white-rumped langurs, an endemic species of Vietnam, lives in the country.
The tourist area’s landscape not only includes beautiful nature but also historical landscapes with unique caves and cultural relics. Van Long Lagoon possesses wild and majestic beauty in a rustic landscape painting. For those who wish to find relaxation after busy days, Van Long Lagoon is definitely an ideal destination not to be missed.

The Best Time to Go to Van Long Lagoon

With diverse natural landscapes and rich ecosystems, Van Long lagoon is a year-round tourist destination. Each season the lagoon changes its color, bringing with it its own attractive beauty. However, if you are passionate about photography and love animal nature, Klook advises you to go to Van Long during the following two periods:
From May to June is an attractive tourist season when Ninh Binh enters the lotus blooming season. Clusters of blooming lotus flowers add pink color to the cool green water. At this time, not only is the scenery beautiful, but the air is also tinged with a gentle fragrance, bringing you moments of peace. Just take a boat out to the lagoon and you can take “7749” picturesque photos with pink lotus, clear water and green mountains.
If you cannot come to Van Long during the lotus blooming season, then you can take advantage of coming here during the dry season – the season when animals gather. From November to April every year, birds from the North gather to nest, and animals come down the mountain to feed, creating a scene full of life. You can observe animals, take beautiful photos of the wildlife, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here.
In addition, to catch the most beautiful moments at Van Long, try to arrange to come here during sunrise or sunset.

Experience playing and exploring Van Long Lagoon

Visit the “sealess bay” by boat

With the characteristic of possessing a large and quiet lagoon, Van Long Lagoon is also known as the “bay without waves”. When rowing on the vast water surface, you can still clearly feel the tranquility of the water like a giant lake reflecting the landscape, people and sky here. The lagoon’s water is clear blue, allowing you to see moss, algae, and coral below clearly.

During the boating experience admiring the beauty of the lagoon, visitors will be delighted by the open, airy natural space, with pristine mountains on both sides. Along with the peaceful beauty and fresh air, this will certainly be an indispensable experience when coming to the famous Ninh Binh wetland reserve.

Explore spiritual destinations near Van Long Lagoon

Not only do you have the opportunity to admire the rich and diverse natural scenery, near Van Long Lagoon there are also many long-standing historical spiritual works that visitors should not miss. Some destinations you can visit include: Thanh Mau temple, Dich Long temple, Thanh Son pagoda,… Each temple and pagoda is associated with history from Vietnamese kings.

Besides, the ancient and unique building structure is also an impressive highlight. Visitors coming here can not only pray for peace and admire beautiful buildings, but also have the opportunity to listen to many stories associated with the history of temples and pagodas.

Admire the beauty of the caves near the lagoon

The favor that Mother Nature brings to the famous Ninh Binh wetland reserve is also shown through more than 100 mysterious and beautiful natural caves. Inside each cave, there are natural stalactites hanging down in a variety of shapes, along with a cool and pleasant atmosphere that will make you excited. Some caves you should visit at Van Long Lagoon include: Turtle Cave, Chanh Cave, Fish Cave, Bong Cave,…

The beauty of Van Long Lagoon is clearly shown in the wild and majestic landscape and ecosystem. When you come here, you can not only admire the scenery and get close to nature, but also comfortably “check in” with a super “genuine” background.

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