Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh – the beauty of “the Milky Way in the heart of the mountain”

Thien Ha Cave

With the system of stalactites formed completely naturally to dry and wet caves, all have created a very magical beauty in the heart of Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh. This place is likened to the “galaxy in the heart of the mountain” that fascinates people, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and explore.

About Thien Ha Cave

Thien Ha Cave is hidden in the Tuong mountain range, a mountain in the Trang An range in Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, about 24km from Ninh Binh city. This used to be considered as a watchtower to guard the Hoa Lu bar under the reigns of King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh.
According to legend, King Le summoned soldiers here and made generals, from then on, the mountain was called General Mountain. Going to the end of the canal, there is a path leading up to the mountain right near the marina. To get to the cave you have to climb 157 stone steps. Right next to Thien Thanh cave is Thien Ha cave. . The gate of Thien Ha cave is not very big, the height of the cave is estimated at only 3-4m, but the more inside the scene appears, the more surprised and attracted by the beauty of thousands of stone masterpieces made by hands. Creation meticulously carved and arranged. The cave is 700m long, including 200m long dry cave and 500m long water cave.

The dry cave is the highest and widest place in Thien Ha cave, with a background of about 40m wide, 200m long with countless stalactites of different shapes evoking people’s imagination such as: Buddha image, castle, Animals, propeller-shaped, human ears… In addition, the dry cave also has a door leading to the southern mountainside, called Heaven’s Well. The skylight is nearly 3m wide and nearly 3m high, with natural light shining down to the bottom, making the space open and airy.
At the end of the dry part is the water cave, visitors take a boat on the 500m long underground river which is likened to the Milky Way, while the stalactites above and on both sides of the river are as beautiful as the moon and stars. Under the surface of the water, the sparkling light reflected above makes the scene shimmering and fanciful. The undulating, endless Milky Way with layers upon layers of shimmering stalactites with legends about Hoa Tien Island, Bau Sua Mother, etc., gives visitors the feeling of being lost in a fairyland, immersed in a fairy tale. Drunk with the place of “carrying the fairy scene”.

How to get to Thien ha cave in Ninh Binh?

To get to Thien Ha cave, you must first move to Ninh Binh. From Hanoi, there are many means of transport for you to choose from: bus, train or self-driving vehicle. However, according to Ninh Binh tourism experience , the distance to here is not far, about 100 km. With this distance, you can completely ride a motorbike.

After arriving in Ninh Binh, you continue to search google map to know the way to Muong Tho Ha village, Son Ha commune. From here, you have to take a boat to Ben Dang river wharf and then turn into a small canal with a length of about 1 km. Then continue walking on the 500m long stone road along the foot of Tuong mountain to reach the cave entrance. This trail is covered with shade on both sides, bringing visitors as if they were lost in the wild jungle.

Ticket price to visit Thien Ha cave: 

  • Adults: 120,000 VND/person (line 1); 250,000 VND/person (Line 2, Line 3)
  • Children: 60,000 VND/person (line 1); 100,000 VND/person (Line 2, Line 3).
  • Children under 3 years old: free

When should tourists visit Thien Ha Cave?

Thien Ha Cave each season brings a distinct beauty that “shakes” people’s hearts. But to admire the most shimmering, fanciful beauty of the cave, you must definitely visit this place in the summer. At that time, the scene will be flooded with bright yellow sunlight, the trees will be green, and the water will be cool.

Above all, at this time, the rays of the sun will shine through the small spaces above the cave, creating rays of light, often called “light rays” in photography, making the cave appear shimmering. However, to be sure to enjoy this amazing view, you should check the weather forecast about 2-3 days before the trip.

The beautiful natural scenery of the Cave

Thien Ha Cave is divided into 2 areas with separate natural scenery that make it easier for visitors to explore: Dry and Dong Nuoc Cave. Perhaps from the name, visitors have guessed the natural beauty of each place.

Dry cave

The dry cave has a door to the southern mountainside, so the air here is quite fresh and cool. The cave owns a width of about 2.5 to 3m, about 3 to 6m high and the cave platform is about 40m wide. A scale that can be said to be quite large and majestic.

The dry cave is known as the “golden palace” because it possesses many stalactites. The researchers also say that the stalactite system in this cave is still alive and in the process of development. Therefore, when sunlight or light shines in, it will create an open space with magical and vivid gold and silver colors, and unique shapes that evoke the imagination of visitors. 

Water cave 

To come to the water cave, visitors will be “floating” on small boats and boats on the soft, winding underground river. The ceiling of the cave appears with countless colorful stalactites, sparkling like the moon and stars, in which there are stalactites that have been given “beautiful” names such as Hoa Tien island, Mother’s milk, Fish turning dragon, etc. …

Perhaps part of that is why this place is likened to a shimmering, sparkling galaxy filled with starlight. In addition, the water cave is more than 500m long, so the natural scenery of the cave makes visitors feel like an endless cave.

 Notes when visiting the cave

To make your trip to visit this new place easier and more convenient, Digiticket has listed a few notes for you to have the best preparation for your journey:

  • It is advisable to prepare a camera or phone with a tripod to capture the best moments in the cave, because there is a lack of light here and the road is difficult to move, so if you only take pictures by hand, it is difficult to capture the most beautiful moments. beautiful moment. 
  • You should bring a jacket because the deeper you go into the cave, the lower the temperature will be.
  • Prepare a flashlight to illuminate the road, it also helps you create artistic photos with great light.
  • You can bring food and water if you want to explore Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh for a long time.
  • Should wear sports shoes, flat soles with friction to move easily because the road is quite long and bumpy.
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