Thien Ha Cave – the beauty of “the Milky Way in the heart of the mountain”

Right from the moment you step through the cave door, you will feel the very sophisticated and meticulous carving of nature. In front of your eyes is a strangely quiet space. Nature has divided Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave into two separate areas, including a dry cave 200 m long and a wet cave 500 m long with many fancy and unique shapes.

Going deep into the dry cave, visitors will feel like being lost in a palace inlaid with silver and gold with colorful stalactites shimmering in the sun, bearing many different shapes that evoke the imagination of people. . In addition, this place also has a “stone castle” associated with stories such as monkeys, elephants worshiping tigers, … and many traces of ancient Viet residents (hewn pebble tools, raw pottery, etc.) ).

In particular, most of the deep cave will see bright clusters of light appear, it is called the Sky Well. The skylight is nearly 3 m wide and high. On sunny days, sunlight reflects on the stalactites, emitting sparkling rays, sometimes yellow, sometimes very vivid.

After admiring the rich landscape at the dry cave, visitors continue to board a boat down the water to reach the water. This is the “center” which is likened to the “galaxy in the heart of the mountain” with a winding river, surrounded by layers of multicolored stalactites named with names such as Hoa Tien island, Mother’s milk. , Fish turns dragon … makes visitors feel like they are in a fairyland somewhere.

“Lost” on the river and blend in with that space, sometimes hear the sound of the wind rushing into the cave door, the sound of oars, the sound of water, etc., making visitors feel very light and comfortable.

Thien Ha cave eco-tourism area in Ninh Binh includes two main caves, Thien Thanh cave and Thien Ha cave. So when leaving Thien Ha cave, visitors continue their journey to explore the cave with Thien Thanh cave. This is a dry cave located in the middle of General Mountain, with a length of more than 50 m, the height of the cave gate is about 3-4 m. Although it is not very large, it possesses very spectacular landscapes. The beauty of the stalactites and stalactites will make you admire and enjoy.

– Some stalactites can grow very close to the rock foundation, within the reach of visitors. However, you should not touch them because that will affect the development of the stalactites. 

– Absolutely do not break stalactites to bring back as a souvenir or take it as your own. If caught, you will be severely fined! 

– Although the muse and silk costumes will give you extremely soft photos, you should also pay attention to choosing comfortable, suitable clothes for the trip to avoid many inconveniences. 

Thien Ha Cave is a place to visit in Ninh Binh that you definitely should not miss. Not only has the cool and fresh air, but the cave will also let you immerse yourself in the majestic poetic space with interestingly shaped stalactites. You will be free to let your imagination fly, creating shapes for inanimate statues. It will definitely be interesting! If you have the opportunity to explore Ninh Binh, will you spend time visiting Thien Ha cave? 

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