“Through the air” to Hoa Lu Ancient Town in Ninh Binh imbued with national identity

Hoa Lu Ancient Town was inaugurated on January 27, 2022, on December 25 of the lunar calendar at Ky Lan Lake, Ninh Binh city. The work is built to introduce visitors to the traditional space describing the social and cultural life, customs and habits of people in all parts of the country and re-enacts the history of Dai Viet from the 5th century X.

Hoa Lu ancient town was built right at the campus of Ky Lan lake, the gateway of Ninh Binh city, next to the Silver Pagoda. This place is divided into 2 areas: Area for displaying, introducing and selling local traditional handicraft products such as Ninh Hai embroidery, Bo De leaf painting, Ninh Van fine art stone, Bo Bat pottery, etc. … and a number of traditional handicraft products of other provinces such as Y Yen bronze casting, Ha Duong to he, Nghia Hung, Nam Dinh, Nam Dinh sesame candy, Hanoi cake, etc. or food stalls such as vermicelli vermicelli. Cha, bun thang, etc. and information booths to introduce and promote Ninh Binh tourism. The food court includes food on demand and the Ky Lan Park Campus Area will serve fast food and drinks to visitors.

Hoa Lu Old Street address?

The address of Hoa Lu ancient town is located in the campus of Ky Lan mountain – Silver pagoda at 1 Tran Hung Dao, Tan Thanh ward, City. Ninh Binh (next to Hoa Lu Hotel, also known as Trang An Hotel). Google Maps.

How to get to Hoa Lu ancient town Ninh Binh from Hanoi?

From Hanoi, you go to Giap Bat bus station to move to Ho Chi Minh City. Ninh Binh. Because this city is also located right next to the National Highway 1A axis, you can catch any bus from Hanoi to the central and southern provinces.

If traveling by private car to go to Hoa Lu ancient town in Ninh Binh, everyone should follow Phap Van – Cau Gie highway towards Ninh Binh.

Currently, using Limousine has also become very convenient. There are many Limousine bus companies running the Hanoi – Ninh Binh route with thoughtful door-to-door shuttle service.

How much is the entrance ticket to Hoa Lu Ancient Town?

Because the new old town was inaugurated in early 2022 for the purpose of Ninh Binh people, tourists from all over the world to experience and collect comments, the entrance ticket is free.

What is there in Hoa Lu Ancient Town Review?

Hoa Lu Ancient Town can be summed up in 14 words: Colorful during the day, shimmering at night.

A special highlight when you come to the old town, at night the two stupas next to the old town are lit with shimmering electric temples. Therefore, you will feel the shimmer and magic here.

At this time, Hoa Lu ancient town seems to be wearing a new coat with the fanciful, lotus and brilliant colors of the lanterns. Therefore, people will feel impressed and strangely attracted.

Ancient, beautiful, quiet check-in space

With an architectural space that simulates Dai Viet from the 10th century, it is very appropriate to go with the neckband costumes or modern dresses. You can absolutely bring back a set of ancient or innovative photos…depending on your taste and preferences.

Enjoy regional cuisine and specialties

Guests will enjoy traditional, delicious and flavorful dishes. One of them must be mentioned: honey cake, glutinous rice cake, chung cake, gai cake, day cake, rice cake … these are all specialties of “our ancestors” from ancient times, many young people, especially in Big cities are not sure to enjoy the taste of these dishes.

Exploring traditional values

The most unique cultural – entertainment – culinary district in Ninh Binh – where the original cultural quintessence is kept. Hoa Lu was once the ancient capital of our country during the reign of the Dinh, Tien, and Le dynasties.

Hoa Lu is not only famous for its majestic natural beauty, but it is also the cradle of culture, preserving the heroic history of the nation in the current capital.

Therefore, with the desire to restore, preserve and develop the traditional and historical culture of our ancestors from the 10th century, Hoa Lu ancient town was born, which will continue to spread the culture. of the ancient capital to the young generation today and in the future.

Coming to Hoa Lu Ancient Town, visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes and handicraft villages, but also have the opportunity to save beautiful pictures in the early spring of the new year with goods. thousand lanterns. Especially when the night falls, Hoa Lu Old Town seems to put on a different form, the fanciful shimmer of lanterns covering the whole area of ​​Ky Lan mountain will make visitors have new experiences. unforgettable.

It is hoped that when Hoa Lu Old Town is put into operation, the service will become a new tourism product, an impressive check-in place for visitors, a highlight for Ninh Binh city center, contributing to the diversifying local tourism products, enriching tourism services in the center of Ninh Binh city.

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