Trang An – World cultural and natural heritage

Located in the center of Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Trang An tourist area covers an area of ​​2,168ha, a majestic and magnificent mountainous area created by various mountain formations reflecting on small streams around. winding, meandering connecting hundreds of caves, wild and mysterious valleys.

Trang An tourist area has a cave complex such as: Ba Giot cave, Dia Linh cave, Dark cave, Sang cave, Ao Trai cave, Seo cave, .. and valleys such as Tran temple valley, Cloud valley, Nau valley wine, Khong valley… the newly exploited long and beautiful trans-water caves will surprise visitors. Everything seems to blend together to create an interesting space. With 48 trans-water caves, this is a unique cave complex in Vietnam.

Introduction to Trang An tourist area

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural and cultural heritage in 2014. Trang An possesses a unique natural landscape from rocky mountains, with a variety of ecosystems, flora and fauna. abundant. In addition, when visiting Trang An, visitors can admire the beauty of beautiful caves such as Thien cave, Tien Thanh cave, etc. Trang An belongs to the boundary area of ​​Hoa Lu district, with Gia Vien districts. Nho Quan, Tam Diep city and Ninh Binh. This is a beautiful place that tourists should visit.

Overland tourist route : With a length of 1.6 km, visitors will walk through 3 Que to Tran Temple. This route starts from Cay Bang wharf, this is a very interesting tourist route. Visitors will walk and climb mountains through three consecutive passes. The first pass is Can pass with a height of about 60m above the water surface. The second pass is Vai pass and the third pass is Tran temple pass. Currently, this climbing path has been built with wide stone steps. On the way to Tran temple, 7 octagonal ironwood floors have been built as a resting place for tourists when climbing the mountain.

Waterway tourism combined with mountain climbing : 

         If you choose to travel by water, you have up to 3 options for your journey to discover Trang An:

– Route 1: Central wharf – Trinh Temple – Dark Cave – Bright Cave – Ruou Cave – Tran Temple – Ba Giot Cave – Seo Cave – Son Duong Cave – Phu Khong, Bao Hieu Pagoda – Khong Cave – Tran Cave – Hang Quy Hau and return to the starting point, ending the trip.

– Route 2: Central wharf – Lam Cave – Vang Cave – Thanh Slide Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dai Cave – Vu Lam Hanh Cung – Return to the starting point, end the trip.

– Route 3: Central wharf – Trinh Temple – Dot Cave – May Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dia Linh Mountain – Vu Lam Hanh Cung – Return to the starting point, end the trip.

        Many other tourist attractions are very close to Trang An tourist area that tourists can explore in their journey: Hoa Lu ancient capital; Ban Long pagoda; Bai Dinh Pagoda; Chicken Channel – Van Trinh.

Directions:  From Ninh Binh city center, visitors follow the Trang An tourist route about 7km to Trang An eco-tourism area.

Discover the majestic beauty at Trang An Ninh Binh tourist area

1. Dia Linh Cave

Especially when coming to Trang An, visitors will experience sitting on a boat floating on the water and admire the unique beauty of Trang An. Dia Linh Cave is a unique name that visitors should not miss. The length of the cave is about 300m, is a very beautiful sparkling stalactite cave, there are few caves with such glittering beauty. There is also another name is Chau Bau cave, when the boat moves deep inside the cave, it will feel like you are lost in a golden treasure. Because it was newly discovered, the natural things about stalactites are still intact, shimmering, all creating a mysterious beauty.

2. Wine Cooking Cave

In Trang An, there is a prominent name that makes many people curious, which is Nau Ruou Cave when visiting before entering the cave, visitors can clearly feel the scent of the wine jar being brewed. The ancients said that there is an underground water source about 10m deep, the water here is sweet and clear, very suitable for cooking delicious bottles of wine. Since ancient times, these wines were only used to offer to the king. Visitors to Ninh Binh will experience when immersing themselves in such a passionate space.

3. Three Drops Cave

Ba Giot Cave is known for its many types of stalactites with many different vibrant colors, the stalactites here will have a difference compared to other caves, that is, the stalactites here are soaked in combination with extremely brilliant colors. eye-catching period. A sad legend associated with Sinh cave, Si cave and Ba Giot cave. Legend has it that there was a prince who fell in love with a princess. When the son brought the gift to the princess’s house to pray for her soul, she was paid tribute to the neighboring country. Every day he goes to Ba Giot Cave to bathe or get sad, he will go in and out of Si cave. It is said that when someone passes through Ba Giot Cave and catches three drops of water from the stalactites into the palm of their hand, they will have good luck in life and love.

4. Light Cave – Dark Cave

It was called by the ancients with the name Bright Cave – Dark Cave because when visiting here, visitors go deep inside there is almost no light, it is very cool and mysterious, so it will be named Dark Cave. Like the Dark Cave, when visitors go deep inside the Bright Cave, there will be little natural light, about 112m deep.

Visit the cultural and historical area in Trang An Ninh Binh

 1 Vu Lam Palace 

When coming to Trang An, you cannot ignore a unique architectural work such as Hanh Cung Vu Lam located in the middle of a lake with charming scenery. Designed with wood that will forever be roofed with tiles, it is a simple rustic house that still existed before 1954. Hanh Cung Pagoda is located in front of the palace, 60 meters away, in 1953 the French invaders had died. destroy nothing. Looking from above, looking at the majestic, lively landscape surrounded by mountains contributes to the color of the picture.

2. Trinh Temple 

Trinh Temple is a famous temple here that is worshiping the 4 gods of the Dinh Dynasty, the generals who govern the gold and silver of the king. Legend has it that, when King Dinh Tien Hoang died, 4 generals took Dinh Toan to hide from the siege of King Le Hoan, until King Le Hoan ascended the throne, 4 generals did not obey because of that. The temple was built according to the traditional architecture of Vietnam, in front of the temple is placed a crane holding the incense burner, this is an ideal place to visit at the beginning of the year.

When should you travel to Trang An?

Trang An ecological area is visited by many tourists every year. But when is the best time to travel to Trang An? For a trip to be complete or not, the weather is also an extremely important factor.

  • From January to March at the beginning of the new year, this time in Trang An has cool air, no longer feeling the cold of winter. This is the right time to explore the natural beauty of this place, also the time when the number of tourists go to spring in the beginning of the year to pray for a peaceful year. Therefore, at this time, visitors will have to wait in line to buy boat tickets. Just traveling in the spring, the boat admires the branches of the trees that are budding, all things multiplying, the fresh and airy air is very suitable for you to plan this trip.
  • From May to June, when the rice season is ripe, Trang An wears a golden, sparkling shirt created by blooming rice fields waiting to be harvested. From afar, visitors will admire the charming rice flowers, bringing immense peace.
  • July – September: In the autumn, Trang An has brought in a cool space, the bright sunshine is no longer, the tourists coming to visit are not too crowded, creating peace for this place, the atmosphere is easy. Suitable for travelers who go on weekends to relax.

Every year, Ninh Binh attracts millions of domestic and international visitors to visit and enjoy, and especially the number of foreign tourists here is very large. It can be seen that Trang An tourist area is the brightest pearl when it comes to Ninh Binh tourism.

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