Two days visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong in the ripe rice season

Referring to Ninh Binh, many people will probably immediately think of the romantic and majestic Tam Coc – Bich Dong or Trang An or famous spiritual tourist destinations such as Bai Dinh pagoda or Phat Diem cathedral. … However, if you have the opportunity to come to Ninh Binh in June , in addition to the inherently familiar features of Ninh Binh, visitors also have the opportunity to see the beautiful golden ripe rice fields. eye.

Ninh Binh enters June as if wearing a new shirt, fresh and full of life. Let Traveloka pocket Ninh Binh travel experiences right in the article below!

Discover the ripe golden rice fields

Your Ninh Binh travel itinerary in June will become more impressive and memorable than ever when you see the ripe golden rice fields, see the ripe rice flowers blooming and blooming with your own eyes. Looking down from above, the fields of ripe yellow looming with the silhouettes of farmers harvesting create a poetic natural scene, combined with the beauty of labor to become a heartbreakingly beautiful picture.

One of the ways to see and check in with the ripe rice fields in Ninh Binh in June is the most popular with tourists is to ride a bicycle along the way from the marina to Thai Vi temple. Along the way, you will hear a very pleasant aroma of ripe rice.

When cycling, you will have the opportunity to listen to the sound of rice flowers swaying, whispering in the wind, breathing in the fresh and cool air.

Going to Ninh Binh, don’t forget to conquer Mua Cave – an extremely famous tourist area and frequented by tourists. To go to the top of Mua Cave, you need to go through the challenge with about 500 steps.

In return, when standing from the top of Mua Cave, in addition to enjoying the panoramic view of the ripe rice fields of Ninh Binh in June , you can also zoom out to see the winding rivers or the majestic mountains. great.

Sightseeing and detailed schedule

After arriving at the wharf, visitors buy tickets to visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong for 120,000 VND for adults and 60,000 VND for children. At the station, there is an electric car to take and pick up from the parking lot for cars and motorbikes. The boats carrying tourists here all have oarsmen, not motor boats. Service price is 150,000 VND per trip, carrying a maximum of 4 adults.

The boatmen will introduce the Ngo Dong river, called Tam Coc… Autumn in the eyes of tourists is the winding river, flanked by limestone mountains, green, and sound. The only thing that can still be heard is the sound of oars swinging the water, and the singing of Hat Van by the artists on the riverbank.

The most special feature of Tam Coc this season is that the rice fields on both sides of the river begin to turn golden yellow, looking from above like a prominent golden silk on the blue water. People here embankment on the alluvial soil of the river to plant seedlings, so the foot of the rice plant is completely submerged in water, the soft-shaped fields embrace the river. Tam Coc fields were formed from the process of reclamation and labor of people since the 10th century AD.\

With about 2 hours, the boat takes guests in turn through Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave, formed by a river through the mountain. Ca Cave is the largest with a length of about 127 m, inside the ceiling there are places up to 20 m high with stalactites of many shapes.

Around Tam Coc wharf, there are many tourist attractions such as Thai Vi temple, Thien Huong cave. The most popular destination is Bich Dong, known by the ancients as “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong”, meaning the second most beautiful cave in the South, behind Huong Tich Cave, Ha Tay, Hanoi.

Afternoon after lunch and rest, visitors come to Trang An eco-tourism area about 10 km away. On the way you will see the ways of ripening rice fields and the paths of Bodhi trees.

owns a system of limestone mountains with a geological age of about 250 million years, through the flow of time forming hundreds of valleys, caves and lakes. Also sailing on the river through the limestone mountains, Trang An is larger and more diverse than Tam Coc, but there are no golden rice fields.

Ticket price to visit Trang An is 250,000 VND for adults and 120,000 VND for children, including sightseeing boat. There are three routes for you to choose from, the most popular is the third route, offering incense to Trinh Temple – Hang May – Suoi Tien – Dia Linh Cave – Hang Dai – Vu Lam Hanh Cung – Kong film studio.

The Sao Khe River flows through the clear green Trang An, moss can be seen below, especially on sunny days. The river surface is wide and the limestone mountains follow each other like Ha Long Bay. The most special feature here is Dai cave, with a length of up to one kilometer, inside there is absolutely no natural light. The ceiling of the cave has a variety of heights and shapes of stalactites, and there are places where the boatman has to bend his stomach to pass through. If it’s hot outside, the cave is cool, whereas if it’s raining, it’s warm inside.

Through Hang May, visitors will come to Thung Voi with a flooded forest, with bamboo bridges crossing, making many people think of the Western river. The air here is completely fresh, peaceful, sometimes there is only the sound of swimming on the water.

At the end of the tour, visitors should move to Ninh Binh city to have dinner and visit Hoa Lu ancient town, at Ky Lan park. The neighborhood recreates the traditional craft villages of Ninh Binh and other localities such as carpentry, embroidery, pottery, bronze casting… The neighborhood also hangs many colorful lanterns. By the river, you can experience sightseeing by boat, cost 80,000 VND a turn.

The next morning, the suggested destination is Mua Cave , about 10 km from the city center. Here visitors have to conquer nearly 500 steps to the top of Ngoa Long, from here to get a panoramic view of the ripe rice fields in Tam Coc. Mua Cave is also a famous check-in destination, with a view of the stone steps below or the high tower in the sky.

Ninh Binh specialties

What are some delicious dishes in Ninh Binh? If you have not had the experience of traveling to Ninh Binh in June , here are some Ninh Binh dishes that Traveloka would like to suggest to you, including:Dishes from goats: Coming to Ninh Binh, you must enjoy goat meat specialties. The goats here will be freed instead of being kept in cages. Therefore, when processed, goat meat will be extremely firm, sweet and fragrant.

Burnt rice: Ninh Binh goat meat is often eaten with elder rice, made from the best rice, mixed between sticky rice and dry rice. The finished burnt rice is bright yellow, crispy and very delicious to eat.

Kim Son wine: Ninh Binh’s “extreme food” in addition to burnt goat meat, there is also Kim Son wine – a wine with a strong aroma, drunk without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

Eel vermicelli: Going to Ninh Binh in June , visitors can enjoy eel vermicelli with a very attractive natural sweet and fatty taste.

Roasted copper crab with guise leaves: Another equally attractive dish is roasted copper crab with guise leaves, and a little fish sauce. This dish looks simple, but it’s very catchy.

Mountain snail: Mountain snail has a crunchy taste, when eating, you will feel the sweetness of the snail. This is a specialty dish that you should not miss when traveling to Ninh Binh.

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