Van Long lagoon Ninh Binh

Talking about the ancient capital is impossible not to mention Van Long lagoon, Ninh Binh. It like a charming landscape painting with pristine scenery, this place was once chosen by the famous film company Legendary Entertainment as the setting for the movie Kong – Skull Island. Through sharp footage showing the beauty of the lake, Van Long quickly became a destination that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists.

Introduction Van Long lagoon

Van Long lagoon eco-tourism area is located in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, about 80 km from Hanoi. Covering an area of nearly 3,500 hectares, it is considered the largest submerged nature reserve in the Gulf of Tonkin region with a rich and unique ecosystem. There are many rare flora and fauna here, such as the white-rumped langur, which is listed in the red book.

In addition, the climate in Van Long lagoon is fresh all year round, but perhaps the most sparkling and poetic is in the summer. At this time, it wears the shiny yellow color of ripe rice fields. The water surface is clear and calm like a giant mirror. Surrounded by limestone mountains of various shapes and sizes. In particular, the cave system with eye-catching perennial stalactites. Everything collected together paints an attractive multi-colored ink painting, like a masterpiece that nature bestowed on this land.

What is interesting about traveling to Van Long lagoon?

The small boat leads you floating on the blue water. Forget all the troubles out there, indulge yourself in the cool breeze. As the boat drifts along, you can admire the sky, the sky, and the nature of Van Long lagoon. Rolling mountains, clear blue water, birds singing, storks with straight wings, flowers blooming,… Just that is enough to make you feel a little more simple and love life more.

Not only does it have charming mountain scenery, mysterious caves,… Van Long lagoon is also place to many temples and pagodas that are spiritual tourist destinations. Tourists come here both to visit and to pray for peace and health. Temples and pagodas have ancient architecture, containing many historical stories of our ancestors. Coming to Van Long, you can visit places such as Thanh Mau Temple, Thanh Son Pagoda, Dich Long Pagoda,…

Van Long nature reserve also attracts tourists with many caves. The hanging stalactites form many strange and beautiful shapes. The caves are also home to many animals. You can visit many interesting caves such as: Bong Cave, Fish Cave, Turtle Cave,…

Some other locations

In addition to the above locations, visitors can visit the 600-year-old Thi tree. Walk through rice fields. Or you can admire the rock paintings on Meo Cao cliffs,… Countless beautiful scenes in Van Long lagoon eco-tourism area are waiting for you to experience and explore.

Watch the sunset and sunrise at Van Long lagoon

Traveling to Van Long lagoon in the early morning or late afternoon, visitors can admire the dreamy scenery of Ninh Binh countryside. The streaks of blue smoke along with the stork’s wings fluttering and hovering over the river surface looking for food, are extremely peaceful.

Take a boat around Van Long Lake

Sitting on beautiful small boats, you will be immediately fascinated by the beauty of the wild, eye-catching Van Long Ninh Binh flooded lagoon. In addition to the majestic rolling mountains, the feeling of floating on blue water, hidden under the clear water is moss and algae just like colorful coral reefs. The water is even so clear that you can see the poetic and lyrical scenery of clouds, sky and mountains.

Surrounded by patches of grass and reeds swaying in the wind. Far away on the horizon, flocks of white storks, fire storks, flocks of teal,… fluttered in the air looking for food. Especially in the early morning and late afternoon, the sparkling sunrise and sunset reflect and fascinate the souls of many travelers.

Notes when traveling to Van Long lagoon

When traveling to Van Long lagoon, you should pay attention to fully preparing personal belongings such as hats, hats, etc.
When taking a boat trip to Van Long lagoon, there should be a maximum of 3-4 people. Avoid going to many people because it will not be safe.
You should show a friendly attitude towards the boat driver. They will take you to all locations in Van Long lagoon area.
You should maintain environmental hygiene and not litter the lagoon indiscriminately. At the same time, avoid hunting and chasing away animals here.
Enjoying the beautiful natural scenery at Van Long lagoon is something that many tourists find strangely peaceful. If one day you feel tired with all the chaos and worries, or you want to go to a peaceful and quiet place, Van Phong lagoon is a perfect choice. The charming mountain scenery and rustic wild features of Van Phong promise to bring you many interesting experiences.

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