What does Con Floating have? Explore details

Ninh Binh beach is an unsharpened gem because it is still wild and has not had much human impact. However, coming to Ninh Binh beach, you will not be disappointed. Not only can you see the brilliant sunset and sunrise, but you can also learn more about mangroves, alluvial soil and many other interesting things. Discover Ninh Binh you definitely don’t want to miss.

Con Noi is a national marine eco-tourism area in the ancient capital. This place is honored to be recognized by UNESCO as one of six world biosphere reserves and one of eight extremely important biodiversity conservation areas of the Asia-Pacific region. However, the highlight is ecotourism values ​​such as adjacent landscape, ease of visit, tourism, rich natural resources and hospitable people. Let’s learn about this tourist destination with this article.

About Con Floating

Con Noi is a small island, about 6 km from the mainland, with an area of ​​​​nearly 1,000 hectares. In the midst of immense waves, appearing as far as the eye. This place has the advantage of a wide beach, shallow slope, clean smooth yellow sand, crashing waves, clear blue sea water, environment, fresh air … In addition, this place is also a marine eco-tourism area. and biosphere reserve, so there is not much human impact. The nature here is very unspoiled, accreted with a lot of alluvium and sea breeze.

In Ninh Binh, there is only one place with the sea, which is Kim Son district. Kim Son district is located in the south of Ninh Binh province, more than 100km from Hanoi. You can completely travel by various means of transport conveniently along the National Highway 1A.

Kim Son Sea is also an ecological sea of ​​Ninh Binh province with a large area of ​​over 105,000 hectares. This place is located between two big rivers, Can and Day rivers, reclaimed in 1829. Therefore, Ninh Binh Kim Son sea is actually large mangrove forests that are regularly deposited with carpets. diverse flora and fauna. More specifically, many animals here are also on the red list.

This place forms pristine beaches with potential for rural eco-tourism. This is the habitat of 200 bird species, including more than 50 species of water birds, nearly 60 species of migratory birds. Especially, this is also the habitat of the Red-crowned Crane species listed in the World Red Book. Besides, there are thousands of hectares of mangrove forests, coastal mudflats and estuaries. Currently, Kim Son coastal area is in the tourism development planning of Ninh Binh province and the district has also identified the development of marine economy and tourism economy as the focus, striving to turn Con Noi into a tourist destination. future calendar.

Currently, Con Noi Kim Son is increasingly interested in developing to serve ecotourism activities, towards attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. Typically, the construction of a 6 km long sea crossing road to Con Noi not only brings tourism values ​​but also contains many values, having a direct impact on the economic activities of local people. .

According to the policy of the province, Xuan Truong investment enterprise will promote the development of the marine economy in combination with tourism, making Con Noi a key tourist area of ​​Ninh Binh province. On the side of the investor Xuan Truong, the investor is building a project of a marine eco-tourism area, combining entertainment and relaxation in Con Noi. Accordingly, the alluvial and Con Noi areas along Kim Son coast will be built into a marine eco-tourism area of ​​national and international stature with a combination of all types of tourism, the basic characteristics of which are: history, culture, spirituality, ecotourism, resort.

Ngang Beach

Bai Ngang is vast and vast of the sea, and of the sky, there are thousands of young sedges. Thanks to its geographical location, which is alluvial all year round, always fertile, and the mangrove forest, it has become a shelter for many migratory birds, animals, creatures and plants. and seafood. In particular, it is the birds that nest right at Bai Ngang. Their number is up to thousands in the middle of the flat. Therefore, sailing on the mangrove water, you will get a close look at the beautiful white feathered birds. They are not afraid of people, but do not try to touch them to avoid endangering yourself! 

Especially, in the spring festival in January every year, the whole Bai Ngang will be flooded with fishes, successive schools of fish will race from the East Sea to come here. Therefore, this will be a bountiful season for the fishermen here. 

You can visit the whole Bai Ngang by taking a boat to weave through the protective forests, then go up to the high tower to watch the storks, experience the monkey bridge made of Melaleuca wood. More special is enjoying Ninh Binh specialties in the sound of birds chirping, rustling leaves, making my heart more pure and peaceful. This place is also blessed with an extremely rich source of seafood, so coming here you can support the fishermen. Guaranteed to be both cheap and delicious. 

Coming to Bang Bang – Floating Island, visitors can admire the immensity of the sea, the sky, and the vast young sedge fields. Along the coast of Ninh Binh, there are many beautiful bird gardens, especially tens of thousands of birds nesting right in the heart of the beach. Stopping here, around you will be a canal, in front of you is the sea of ​​trees and sedge fields.

Note when traveling to Ninh Binh Con Noi

For the most convenient and comfortable travel, you can go to Con Noi between November and April, when Ninh Binh enters the dry season. At this time, the air humidity is not high, combined with the dry and sunny weather, but it will help visitors’ trip to be safe and not experience unpleasant rains. Moreover, this is also the time when few people choose to travel, so if you do not like crowded places.

Come to this place once to have the opportunity to enjoy and discover many interesting things, the northernmost strip of land is inviting the footsteps of travelers.

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