What is the most beautiful season to travel to Trang An and Trang An Travel Experiences

What is the most beautiful season to travel to Trang An is one of the questions of many people today. Because, this place has become one of the stops for many tourists from all over the country. 

The attraction of this tourist land is not only the magnificent architecture but also the beauty of the natural scenery each season. If you are wondering when to choose when to travel to Trang An, do not ignore the following information.

Brief introduction about Trang An

Trang An scenic area still has the primitive features of a Karst tower-shaped rocky area. Located at the border of Ninh Binh district, 90km from Hanoi from the southeast. The special geographical feature of Trang An is that although it crosses many border areas, it does not belong to any commune, 3km from the ancient capital of Hoa Lu and 7km from Ninh Binh city to the west.

The harmony from nature is an attraction for tourists to visit Trang An. The unique break of the majestic mountains combined with the strong winding lines of the river and the caves covered with intact intact vegetation. The unique feature that nature bestows on Trang An is the naked beauty of a limestone massif of immense shapes. The link between the valleys is hundreds of caves and many caves in the mountains – a masterpiece of nature. 

What is the most beautiful season to travel to Trang An?

If you have never set foot in Trang An, you will surely wonder what month is the most beautiful to travel to Trang An ? Or when to go to Trang An?

According to the experience of today’s travel experts, the most suitable time to travel to Trang An is spring (from January to March of the lunar calendar). 

At this time, the weather is quite pleasant, the trees are sprouting again, bringing a whole new look to the natural landscape.

Trang An is most beautiful in spring not only because of the new green sprouts but also by many spring festivals. Cultural activities taking place from January to March in Bai Dinh also go to Trang An very busy. 

Therefore, people will have the opportunity to understand more about the culture of Ninh Binh if they choose to travel to Trang An Spring.

Other times to visit Trang An

Not only impressing with the appearance of a blue shirt in the spring, Trang An is also picturesque in the summer. Therefore, people can choose the right time to travel to Trang An, which is May or June. 

This is the time when the rice is fully ripe, covered with a rich golden color. The yellow color of rice combined with the green color of the top mountains creates a beautiful and extremely poetic picture.

In addition, another extremely suitable time for you to go to Bai Dinh Trang An is September, October of the solar calendar. The whole land of Trang An at this moment seems to be dyed yellow by the color of ripe rice. 

Besides, there are limestone mountains combined with rice mats winding on the water. All create a different beauty that nowhere else has.

Time September-October It is also the time when purple water lilies bloom. Water lily blooms in the middle of the water weaving through each limestone cliff, bringing a watercolor painting. 

In particular, many tourists choose to travel to Trang An at this time because the weather of Ninh Binh when it comes to autumn is extremely pleasant. The sweltering, sweltering heat of summer has given way to the cool breezes of autumn.

With the above information, surely you already know which season is the most beautiful when traveling to Trang An, right? At the same time, I also have more experience of traveling to Trang An in all seasons of the year. 

Depending on your schedule, you can arrange to visit Trang An in spring, summer or autumn. Each season of Trang An, if it has its own beauty, attracts tourists.

Beautiful tourist sites make visitors “forget the way back”

Suoi Tien Temple

Suoi Tien Temple is located in a prime location, reigning in the upstream of the romantic Ngo Dong River. Suoi Tien Temple is also a stopover, an extended point on the Tam Coc travel itinerary. In Suoi Tien temple, worship the gods Quy Minh in Nam town, Hoa Lu in four towns. 

To visit all of Suoi Tien Temple, the only means of transport is a boat. The temple is in the middle of a rather lonely forest, so coming here you will feel the sacred atmosphere of the highlands.  

 Cao Son Temple

The reason for the name of the temple is that the temple is dedicated to Cao Son god in Tay Hoa Lu town. God Cao Son in the past was Lac general Vu Lam, the title that today is called Tay Hoa Lu quartet. According to legend, the General was the 17th son of King Lac Long Quan, on a trip to Thien Duong area, he discovered a strange plant that used to make cakes instead of rice flour.

From there, he named the tree Quang lang, which is now known as the Bung Bang tree. After that, he taught the people in the area how to do business and protect the people in the village from bad guys. People in the area were grateful to him and built Cao Son temple to worship him when he died. 

Phu Khong

Located on a long and narrow land, with its back leaning against the cave named Khong. To the right of Phu is a craggy rocky mountain range, in front of which is a flooded valley. 

Phu Khong worships 7 mandarins who have contributed to the Dinh dynasty. These gods are associated with the story that when King Dinh Tien Hoang died, 7 people buried the king’s coffin and then committed suicide to protect the secret of the location of the king’s tomb. The general was very impressed with the noble sacrifice of 7 mandarins, he and the people founded Phu Khong to worship 7 loyalists.

In front of Khong government, there is a sage tree that has been planted since the establishment of the government, and still exists today. Up to now, the tree is nearly a thousand years old and has two very unique fruits: round and flat fruits. 

Wine Cooking Cave

In Nau Ruou cave, there is an underground water source with a depth of 10m. According to the local people, in the past, the forefathers went to this cave to bring water to make wine to offer to the king. So since then, the cave has a strange and difficult name, Nau Ruou Cave. 

Cave of Fortune

Not only an attractive tourist destination, Boi Cave is also an archeological site in the tourist landscape of Trang An, Ninh Binh. The sunlight in the cave is almost weak, only a few rays glimmering at the time when the sun is at the top of the head, because the bushes grow too thick, covering the two walls with perennial moss.

Why is it called Hang Boi, almost every google search should travel to Trang An or what tourist attractions in Trang An, people will also be attracted to the name Hang Boi. The name was given to the cave by archaeologists simply because it was in the Boi valley, in the past, the bare house used to sow hexagrams here. 

Stepping into the cave, you will feel like this is really a cave that remains a relic of the stone age thousands of years ago. Indeed, they used to be here, they lived in rock caves, sheltered from the rain under the rock roofs, ate all kinds of animals, tubers and grazed mountain turtles, hunted birds. All will still be imprinted in the Boi Cave.

Vu Lam Palace

Located deep in the Trang An tourist world heritage complex, this will probably be your last stop to visit. You will be brought here by the local people by boat. And you will feel the pure taste of plants, the splendor of the cave. A lot of archaeological evidence has been found on the cliff surfaces and underground. 

During the Tran Dynasty, the famous general Truong Han Sieu – an effective Taoist of King Tran Hung Dao came here to hide and set up a monastery in his own hometown, Ninh Binh. Since then, the people of this area have built a temple and worshiped him here and named it Vu Lam Hanh Cung. 

 Dialing Cave

If you travel on the Sao Khe River, Dia Linh Cave is the first attraction on the river journey. The two sides of the cave are sparkling with fossilized stalactites like shimmering jewels, so tourists also call it Chau Bao Cave. Passing the cave, the charming scenery is like a painting waiting for you, the mountains and the sky are all magical and eye-catching. 

No more wondering what month to go to Trang An , now just pack your bags and go on a trip with your friends. Trang An sky is still beautiful, still peaceful and gentle waiting for you to come. If you do not know which places you need to go to to be able to experience Trang An to the fullest, do not hesitate to contact Ninh Binh Bike Tour immediately for tours at attractive prices.

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