Yen Thang Lake in Ninh Binh, a great cycling destination

Yen Thang Lake is a large freshwater lake with a circumference of 15km and a length of about 6km, spanning Yen Thang and Yen Thanh communes, Yen Mon district. This place is located 3km from Tam Diep city center and about 17km from Ninh Binh city center.

Previously, Yen Thang Lake was just a normal irrigation project like many other irrigation projects, built to prevent floods and ensure water supply for production as well as people’s lives in the region. Thanks to that, the lake is equipped with an extremely modern spillway and irrigation system, along with a poetic and charming natural scenery, combined with a favorable geographical location that has made Yen Thang Lake a tourist destination. Sightseeing in Ninh Binh is popular with many people.

When to go to Yen Thang Lake?

Ninh Binh’s climate is typical of the northern climate, clearly divided into seasons. You can go to Yen Thang Lake at any time of the year. But the most ideal time is still the summer months. Although the weather is a bit sunny in these months, this is a natural destination, the harmonious combination of trees and water will create cool air. Especially in this season, your outdoor activities will not be interrupted.

Interesting experiences at Yen Thang Lake

Multi-dimensional space at Yen Thang Lake

One thing is for sure, when you set foot on this land, you will be immediately impressed with the multi-dimensional space of Yen Thang Lake. Yen Thang Lake not only makes a strong impression with its peaceful, cool scenery of mountains and forests, but also stands out with rows of tall green trees growing close together along the lake. Although the hills are naturally growing trees, they are straight and green, giving visitors a feeling of extreme relaxation and comfort. Under the not too bright sunlight, white clouds float, all creating a harmonious natural scene.

Coming to Yen Thang Lake, you will easily see images of hut roofs that cover the sun and rain, along with small bridges across, creating a very familiar and close feeling. Each time, this place has a different beauty. If you wake up here early in the morning, you will easily see the image of white clouds mixed with undissolved morning dew on the surface of the lake, creating a magical feeling lost in a fairyland.

When the sun rises, everything becomes clearer, the lake is covered with a green color like a giant jade. Yet, many people judge that Yen Thang Lake is most beautiful at sunset, when the lake surface takes on a bright orange color. At that time, just sitting by the lake and feeling the cool, fresh breeze will make you feel like you have let go of all the worries and worries of life. This is also the reason why many young people choose this place for their weekend vacation and of course, when coming here to relax, check-in photos of Ninh Binh are indispensable. Come to Yen Thang Lake with your friends and family to feel the beauty of heaven and earth here!

  • Dong Thai Ho Lake: this is an ideal relaxation spot for those who love sightseeing because of the airy space mixed with green mountains and strangely peaceful waters.
  • Tam Diep Pineapple Farm: Tam Diep pineapple farm belongs to Dong Giao farm, with an area of about 5,500 hectares. This is the check-in location for many young people because here the lush green pineapple trees give you beautiful pictures. Especially when you come here, you can also witness the people caring for and harvesting rice.
  • Ma Tien Cave: This place is suitable for those who love to explore because there is a cave containing many large and small rocks of all shapes and sizes. In particular, there are rocks that undulate like a herd of elephants playing, full of novelty.

Yen Thang Lake promises to be a destination that brings many impressions and unforgettable emotions to visitors. Come to this country to have more interesting experiences for your summer days or free weekends. Hopefully through the last article you will have more experience exploring Ninh Binh and immediately note this virtual living spot in your travel notebook to explore!

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