Who does Trinh Trang An Temple worship?

Traveling to Trang An , in addition to traveling on boats, watching aquatic animals and majestic limestone cliffs, surely the spiritual works here will make you nostalgic for this place. Although it does not have a grandiose and beautiful scale, it has a quiet, majestic, solemn, sacred value from history itself, the ups and downs of time.

When starting the Trang An tour , depending on the route you choose, you will definitely have to go through the first attraction – Trinh Temple.

Trinh Trang An Temple is located at the foot of the mountain in the position of “like the mountain, facing the water” which is more than 1000 years old. Trinh Temple is not only a meaningful stop when visitors come to visit Trang An Ninh Binh Ecological Park , but also a historical “witness” to the conflict between generals of Dinh dynasty and Le court. .

Experiencing many historical events, Trinh Temple is the place of worship of four public deities who founded the Dinh dynasty, including: Foreign border Dinh Dien, Dinh Quoc Cong Nguyen Bac, Doha, monk Luu Co, and Trinh Tu.

Trinh Temple – The place to present for a lucky and safe visit

Trinh Trang An Temple has existed for more than 1 millennium (more than 1000 years), until 2003, Trinh Temple was restored and built more spaciously, the material is completely made of wood (Dinh, Lim, Sen, etc.). Tau), according to Dinh architecture.

Trinh Temple, Trang An belongs to the number 1 sightseeing route and the 3rd sightseeing route of Trang An Ecological Park – World Cultural and Natural Heritage. This is also the first attraction of these routes when visitors visit Trang An.

Submit means report, present to make your visit lucky and safe.

Who does Trinh Trang An Temple worship?

Built in the shape of Dinh, Trinh Temple is the place of worship of the four deities who founded the Dinh Dynasty who had the merit of quelling 12 warlords and unifying the country to establish Dai Co Viet, including:Outer armor Dinh Dien,Dinh Quoc Nguyen Bac,Domicile Master Luu Co,Trinh Tu

Trinh Temple – a destination to visit when traveling to Trang An

 Trinh Temple has existed for more than 1 millennium. In 2003, Trinh Ninh Binh Temple was restored and built more spacious, made entirely of wood materials (Dinh, Lim, Sen, Tau), according to the architecture. word Dinh.

 Trinh Temple belongs to the number 1 sightseeing route and the number 3 sightseeing route of Trang An tourist area . This is also the first attraction of these routes when you choose to visit Trang An 1 day tour . Submit means report, present to make your visit lucky and safe.

Historical significance of Trinh Trang An Temple

In addition to the meaning of reporting, Trinh Temple also has great historical significance, being the place to witness the conflict between the generals of the Dinh dynasty and the Le court.

The incense bowl outside the middle heaven worships the generals and soldiers of the Dinh Dynasty, in the temple hall , the supervisors are Ta Thanh Tru and Huu Thanh Tru overseeing the great general. They are also the people who manage the national treasury, the gold store, and the treasury of the Dinh dynasty.

In 979, when the court was in turmoil, they had the merit of carrying the 6-year-old lord Dinh Toan to hide in the southern mountains and forests to take refuge and avoid the pursuit of the Le Dynasty. After those two generals died, the people of the ancient capital established a shrine to remember the loyalty of these two generals.

Inside Trinh temple – the palace to worship the four pillars of the Dinh dynasty: Dinh Dien, Nguyen Bac, Trinh Tu, and Luu Co. These are the founding fathers of the Dinh Dynasty, who were instrumental in quelling the rebellion of 12 warlords to unify the country and bring Dinh Bo Linh to the throne.

Trinh temple architecture

Beside Trinh Temple, there are 2 ancient palaces. The first ancient palace was built in the 16th century (1565), the second palace was built in the 19th century (1825). Inside the palace, there are tablets to worship, symbolizing the loyal servants and generals of the Dinh dynasty.

In front of the temple door, there are 2 large stone carp with the spiritual meaning of wishing for a happy and prosperous life, with favorable rain and wind, and national peace.

There are many carp below that are regularly fed by the temple keepers (from the temple) and visitors.

After visiting Trinh Temple , you can visit some other places in the tour such as Tran Temple , Phu Khong, Vu Lam Palace, Suoi Tien Temple…

 Ninh Binh tourism has become a famous destination of Vietnam, not only attracting domestic tourists to come here, but the ancient land also attracts millions of international tourists to visit. Every visitor who comes to visit and learn about history can’t help but be amazed and amazed by the beauty of these famous scenic spots.

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