Yen Thang Lake – Ninh Binh is a check-in place not to be missed

Located about 120km from the capital Hanoi, visitors can choose to ride a motorbike or bus for about 2 hours.

Moving on for about 3km of winding roads, from afar you will see the road surrounding the lake like a romantic picture that makes everyone ecstatic.

Yen Thang Lake Ninh Binh has a length of about 6km and a circumference of about 15km. There are 2 areas in Tam Diep city and Yen Thang commune, the remaining part runs under the hill in Yen Thang and Yen Thanh communes. Yen Thang Lake and Dong Chuong Lake are the largest freshwater lakes of Ninh Binh with a large water surface area.

In addition to the romantic and fanciful beauty for “travelers” who come here to check-in every summer, this place is known for large projects such as Umbrella Hill tourist area, Royal Golf Course, and also a lake. fishing and a major tourist resort in Ninh Binh.

When to go to Yen Thang Lake?

Ninh Binh’s climate is typical of the northern climate, clearly divided into each season. You can go to Yen Thang Lake at any time of the year. But the most ideal time is still the summer months. Although the weather is a bit sunny in these months, this is a natural destination, the harmonious combination of trees and water will create cool air. Especially in this season, your outdoor activities will not be interrupted.

Interesting experiences at Yen Thang Lake

Multi-dimensional space at Yen Thang Lake

One thing is for sure, when you set foot on this land, you will be immediately impressed with the multi-dimensional space of Yen Thang Lake. Yen Thang Lake not only makes a strong impression with its peaceful, cool scenery of mountains and forests, but also stands out with rows of tall green trees growing close together along the lake. Although the hills are naturally growing trees, they are straight and green, giving visitors a feeling of extreme relaxation and comfort. Under the not too bright sunlight, white clouds float, all creating a harmonious natural scene.

Coming to Yen Thang Lake, you will easily see images of hut roofs that cover the sun and rain, along with small bridges across, creating a very familiar and close feeling. Each time, this place has a different beauty. If you wake up here early in the morning, you will easily see the image of white clouds mixed with undissolved morning dew on the surface of the lake, creating a magical feeling. lost in a fairyland.

When the sun rises, everything becomes clearer, the lake is covered with a green color like a giant jade. Yet, many people judge that Yen Thang Lake is most beautiful at sunset, when the lake surface takes on a bright orange color. At that time, just sitting by the lake and feeling the cool, fresh breeze will make you feel like you have let go of all the worries and worries of life. This is also the reason why many young people choose this place for their weekend vacation and of course, when coming here to relax, checking-in photos of Ninh Binh are indispensable. Come to Yen Thang Lake with your friends and family to feel the beauty of heaven and earth here!

Kayaking, duck riding, floating wooden boats at Yen Thang Lake

When you come to Yen Thang Lake, you definitely should not miss kayaking, duck riding… to admire the scenery or let go of fishing for shrimp and fish. firmly believes that this is an interesting activity and well worth experiencing. You can feel completely secure when participating in water activities because the crew is carefully equipped with protective equipment as well as training in case of bad weather that may occur while visiting the lake this is it.

Traveling to Yen Thang Lake in Tam Diep will bring visitors back to the peace and clarity of a space immersed in nature where there is a cool green lake and rich flora and fauna. At the same time, those who love golf can come here to experience and combine relaxation. If you are still wondering how to plan your trip, contact Ninh Binh Bike Tour now!

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