Visit mermaid cave in the ancient capital

Referring to Ninh Binh is referring to a series of familiar tourist attractions such as: Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Bai Dinh Pagoda,… But if you are a nature lover and want to find something new then Mermaid Cave is a great choice for you. With extremely unique architecture bestowed by nature, it is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most beautiful caves in Ninh Binh.

About 110km from Hanoi, Thung Nham is a large valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides, peaceful and quiet. This is a new tourist area in Ninh Binh with all kinds of experiences for visitors to experience such as boating, walking in the garden, climbing, cycling, camping…

The interesting thing is that whether coming here from early morning or late afternoon, many people choose Tien Ca Cave as the first place to explore.

The name Mermaid (mermaid) has heard many times and found it very familiar, so when hearing about Tien Ca cave in the land of the ancient capital, people are more and more curious to go right in to see what the scenery is like.

Climbing up about 200 brick steps under old bamboo groves, the cave door appears in front of visitors. From the entrance of the cave, you have started to walk down the iron steps. The more you go, the more attractive, the darkness creates a horrible feeling as if you are lost in another world in the underground.

Suddenly, the feeling of stepping into the depths was replaced by the feeling of bobbing like walking on water. It turns out that people have created bamboo rafts put together, with handrails to form a path on the water.

Tien Ca cave has a length of about 1,200m winding in the heart of limestone mountains. Most of the caves here are caves and wet caves. The footsteps of visitors bobbing and making sounds when stepping on the bamboo raft broke the previous quiet space.

In the glimmer of electricity along with water color, the color of stalactites gradually creates a colorful picture. The interesting thing is that when people are immersed in the dimly-lit scenes, suddenly the bamboo raft road glides out into the bright space.

In each season of the year, Tien Ca Cave has its own beauty that captivates countless visitors. However, the time of March – May is the time when Tien Ca Cave is visited by most tourists. At this time, Tien Ca Cave in particular or Ninh Binh in general has entered the dry season but has not directly entered the sweltering hot days of summer. At this time, the weather here is usually sunny and cool, which is very suitable for all kinds of tourist attractions, especially visiting Tien Ca Cave.

Most of the caves here are usually hydrodynamic and Tien Ca Cave is no exception. Tien Ca Cave has a length of about 1200m, winding along the heart of limestone mountains, creating an airtight cave and full of wild and attractive looks. The widest place of Tien Ca Cave is only about 30m and the highest is only about 40m with extremely unique architecture. Mermaid Cave really knows how to stimulate the curiosity of visitors when nestled deep in the green, dense bamboo canopy. You have to go through about 200 stone steps covered under the old bamboo canopy of Ninh Binh land to reach the cave entrance.

To go deep inside you will have to pass 40 deep iron stairs. The deeper you go, the more you will feel like you are lost in a new space, a unique space in the ground called Mermaid Cave. Instead of taking a boat to visit like normal hydrodynamics, in Tien Ca Cave, people use bamboo rafts put together to form a floating path, swaying on the water throughout the length of the cave.

Coming to Tien Ca Cave, visitors will feel like they are lost in a fairy tale world with many strange shaped stalactites that stimulate everyone’s imagination. There are sections, the stalactites are so large that visitors have to wriggle or lean to be able to pass. Under the dim lights, stalactites appear with different shapes and colors, giving the space of Mermaid Cave more mysterious and fairy-colored. Mixing dark passages with colorful lights, the passages are illuminated by light to create different pictures between a lively and harmonious whole. 

– The terrain of the road to visit Tien Ca Cave is mostly stone steps and bamboo bridges on the water. Therefore, women should not wear high heels or dresses, but instead should wear shoes and easy-to-move clothing.

– Because this is a relatively closed cave, you should bring some insect repellent!

– Although the cave is equipped with colored lights, the space is still relatively dark, so remember to equip yourself with a small portable flashlight to make it easier to move!

– If you are a photography enthusiast, using a camera or phone with a flash is a solution to help you create a beautiful photo.

It can be said that Tien Ca Cave is a masterpiece favored by nature to make Ninh Binh more beautiful and mysterious. This is not the largest cave, but it is definitely one of the most interesting caves for you to explore.

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